War Veteran Dies Covered in Ant Bites

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War Veteran Dies Covered in Ant Bites


Joel Marrable, 74-year-old Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam, is dying of cancer. He is confined at a US Department of Veterans Affairs in Georgia. But that’s not the only issue. The room where he is staying had ants in the ceiling, walls, and beds. The veteran was also covered with ants. 

According to Laquana Ross, daughter of the veteran, she visited her father and noticed his swollen hand. He flinched every time she held it. She also got worried and confused because that wasn’t how he looked when she saw him the last time. What she didn’t expect was to find more than 100 red bumps all over his body. A staff member told her: “When we walked in here, we thought Mr. Marrable was dead. We thought he wasn’t even alive, because the ants were all over him.” After that, they bathed the veteran and cleaned the room. 


Photo Credit: Youtube.com (via All Things Interesting)


However, the ants came back the next day. Thus, the hospital decided to put the veteran in a different room, where he died. According to an article by All That’s Interesting, a site for curious people who want to know more about what they see on the news or read in history books, the Atlanta VA Medical Center released a statement, apologizing for the facility’s condition. They expressed their “heartfelt remorse and apology” to the family. Also, they stated that they would address the “ant issue.”

Ross believes that her father deserved better. US Senator Johnny Isakson is “downright maddened” by what happened to Marrable. “This patient, at the end of his life, was clearly not being monitored closely enough, and I am so sad for his family who had to discover his insect-infested conditions before anything was reportedly done,” he said. 


Photo Credit: Youtube.com (via All Things Interesting)


This is not the first time that the Veterans Affairs was plagued by such issues. It has also faced such drastic staffing shortages, numerous veterans have died waiting for care. There are also 10 suspicious deaths at a VA hospital in West Virginia. It was found that elderly veterans there were needlessly injected with insulin.




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