Man Crawls for 2 Days Carrying Broken Leg after Falling 19 Feet Down a Waterfall

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Man Crawls for 2 Days Carrying Broken Leg after Falling 19 Feet Down a Waterfall


Neil Parker, a 54-year-old Australian hiker, crawled for two days carrying one leg that snapped off after falling 19 feet down from a waterfall on September 15, reported Robyn Merrett of celebrity and human interest news site People. Parker was hiking at Cabbage Tree Creek on Mt. Nebo “when he slipped and fractured his leg and wrist.”

“My left foot just below my ankle, clean snapped in half. So the whole bottom of my leg came loose,” said Parker, speaking from his hospital bed. He added that he could not get any help, as he dropped his phone in a creek. Parker explained that he carried his leg, “trying to pick up and get over rocks.” According to him, legs feel extremely heavy when “they’re not connected to anything.” Getting to safety was a slow and long journey. In fact, Parker needed to rest every meter or a meter-and-a-half. 


Neil Parker / Photo by: Albert Perez and Shutterstock via People


He said that hiking on Mt. Nebo usually took him three hours, and he regretted not telling anyone about his solo mission. Parker also did not bring an EPIRB or an emergency beacon. The device helps authorities to track a person in distress. In the past, Parker usually carried it whenever he hiked. But the device he owned was with his former wife when they split. Parker acknowledged that he did not replace his emergency beacon when he hiked on Mt. Nebo. 

“I climbed the waterfall many times before, and this time, with it being so dry, the lichen on the rock, instead of sticking, slipped and gave way.” With his foot mangled, Parker set out to get help, even if it meant crawling on his hands and knees. His motivation for bearing the pain was his children. “I was getting very emotional thinking this is not a nice way to die, just lying there,” Parker revealed. 


Mt. Nebo road / Photo by: Figaro via Wikimedia Commons


Parker survived by eating protein bars and ingesting pain killers. The Queensland Government Air Service posted on Facebook that he was rescued after a helicopter spotted him under a tree. 

Now, the hiker is overjoyed to see his family again, as his children will come over to the hospital the following week. 

Despite the accident, Parker expressed his determination to continue hiking on the said mountain once he’s up and about.


Parker talking to the press / Photo by: Albert Perez and Shutterstock via People




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