Mom Regrets Licking Daughter's Ice Cream Cone

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Mom Regrets Licking Daughter's Ice Cream Cone


We all love ice cream. And it doesn’t matter what our taste preference is, there will be an ice cream flavor that we will surely love. It’s just one of those simple pleasures when we can have a nice scoop or two after a long day at work or of taking care of the house and the children at home. However, this delicious treat can become a threat in the hands of little children. 

UNILAD UK, a  company that provides "social news" and entertainment, published an article that stated how parents know their precious kids can also be little terrors that can create havoc by doing silly things.


Photo by FB Page of Someone Hold My Beer via Unilad


According to the article, this was what exactly happened to Sidney Anderson, a mother to a four-year-old girl, Blakely, where she learned the hard realities about being a parent to a toddler. This is after she bought her daughter an ice cream cone and left her to enjoy it, not expecting anything bad that could happen. After all, it’s just an ice cream cone.

But, as most of us all know by now thanks to Sidney’s post on her Facebook account, nothing is ever so simple with kids. In the post, she mentioned that after she gave the ice cream cone to her daughter, Blakely handed it back a few minutes later, half-finished. Of course, like most parents, she wouldn’t want the ice cream dripping so she started licking at it. That was when she noticed her daughter staring solemnly at her before asking, “Is it okay?!” somewhat frantically. 

A lot of things went through Sidney’s mind at that point. Maybe her daughter dropped the cone on the floor or something. But then Blakely said, “I accidentally wiped my butt with it.”


Photo by FB Page of Someone Hold My Beer via Unilad


It turned out, the kid had to pee and, once done, wiped her butt but used the hand holding the ice cream cone.

So yeah, Sidney’s ice cream had an additional flavor to it, and as Blakely put it, “it was just pee.” Yeah, imagine if it was something else.

Sidney’s Facebook post became viral, getting shared 275,000 times and receiving 180,000 comments in just a matter of days.



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