7 Things More Likely to Kill You Than Sharks

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7 Things More Likely to Kill You Than Sharks


We can all agree, with their serrated teeth, sandpaper skin, and terrifyingly emotionless beady eyes, sharks are scary and really dangerous. They are the lions of the deep blue, lying in wait to attack their prey and bringing them deeper into the depths of the sea to munch on until nothing is left but bones and tattered, torn muscles. 

But of course, as long as you stay away from the water, then you’re fine. No shark can ever get to you. The reality is, you are more likely to die in a sea storm (very common) or just straight up starvation and lack of drinkable water (the salt in seawater isn’t exactly refreshing). What’s more, you won’t stay out in the sea longer if the shore is right there. So why don’t we discuss the other things that might bring you to an early grave more likely than losing a limb to a Great White. 


Lightning / Photo by: Mike Lehmann via Wikimedia Commons



This one is pretty obvious as far as dying goes. Each lightning strike contains, after all, one billion joules of energy. According to Little Things, a website collecting feel-good stories and videos, delicious recipes and awesome DIY projects, although getting struck by lightning is quite rare, it is still far more common to die of it than getting killed by sharks. 



Air fresheners / Photo by: Patrick Pelletier via Flickr


Room Fresheners

This might come as a shock to some people—and an absolute horror story for some. Granted, you won’t immediately fall to your death in the middle of a Great British Bake-Off re-run while eating your popcorn, some experts still agree that there are certain chemicals in air and room fresheners that need to draw caution when it comes to their regular use.

Kent Pinkerton, director of the Center for Health and Environment at the University of California Davis, said people will benefit from exercising caution when adding in a room freshener that contains a lot of chemicals. He assured that, as humans, we are already built with lungs that work just fine filtering air, so unless you really have a stinky room you want to smell like lavender, you’re probably better off leaving your house the way it is.



Cow / Photo by: Keith Weller via Wikimedia Commons



You see tractors and trotting horses in barns all the time, which are probably things that may just kill you, right? Well, not as much as cows do. They won’t start wielding swords and striking fear into the hearts of many at any moment, but ABC News, a trusted source for breaking news, analysis, exclusive interviews, headlines, and videos, reports that data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 22 deaths per year were caused by cows stomping or goring. 



Winter / Photo by: fietzfotos via Pixabay


Cold Weather

This is probably as far away from the ocean or the sea as anything goes. More than from shark attacks, 600 people die every year from cold weather. According to the Public Health Post, an online forum seeking to elevate the conversation on population health, about 1,330 people in the United States die of cold exposure every year, horrifically “chilled to the bone,” so to speak, and literally frozen to death. Additionally, the cold weather also further worsens the condition of sufferers of heart disease and those with respiratory illnesses. 



Left-Handed person / Photo by: Armin Kübelbeck via Wikimedia Commons



Okay, we know what you’re thinking: this can’t possibly be true, right? Unfortunately, it is, and it’s not funny in the slightest bit if you really think about it. Why are they so susceptible, you ask? Because they live in a world made for right-handed people. While left-handed people are far from oppressed, it’s true that most things in the world really are made for right-handed people. 

In a study by California State University researcher Dr. Diane F. Halper and University of British Columbia researcher Dr. Stanley Coren, who published their work in The New England Journal of Medicine, they found that left-handed men and women are more prone to driving accidents most of all (they are five times more likely to get involved in accidents). Additionally, it seems that they also have shorter life spans than right-handed people because they have also been reported to have “underlying neurological or immune-system problems that have been shown to be slightly more common in left-handers.”



Fireworks / Photo by: Jon Sullivan via Wikimedia Commons



Yep, those sparkly, loud, and smoky fireworks are more likely to kill you than shark attacks. According to the Florida Museum, the risk is 1 in 340,733. While a direct hit with one of them is rare, it still happens, not to mention the suffocating smoke that they produce that are really dangerous if you have a bad case of asthma.



Insect / Photo by: Abdulmominbd via Wikmedia Commons



Specifically, bees, wasps, and hornets. An article in The Washington Post described how these insects are responsible for 58 deaths per year in the US, or 600 percent more than deaths by shark attack. It should be said, however, that bees, just like sharks, would rather avoid persons rather than finish them off. It’s only when a human being gets too close that bees will sting or, in the case of shark, the person is mistaken for a seal, which is a shark’s favorite dinner.




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