Influencer Exposed By Sister’s Tweet

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Influencer Exposed By Sister’s Tweet


A lot of social media influencers will do anything just to gain the attention of their followers. They will try and do a lot of things so that they can grab even more likes and comments. However, some of them tend to use deception and lies in order to make their followers believe that they are living a satisfying life. 

UNILAD UK, a company that provides "social news" and entertainment, reported on their website that Casey Sosnowski, a freshman student from Florida Atlantic University, believed that she would gain attention from her social media followers after she uploaded a photo of herself which showed that she was “on a hike.”


Photo Credit: @carlysos3 on twitter (via Unilad)


Unfortunately, her post went popular but for all the opposite reasons. This unexpected event happened after Casey’s sister Carly tweeted that Casey’s Instagram photo was actually a fake. According to Carly’s tweet, the photo was taken in their family’s back garden. 

“My sister said she was going hiking… this is our backyard,” Carly said. She accompanied it with the original Instagram upload which was tagged at Lake Okahumpka Park and Trail. She also uploaded a BTS photo of her sister having the said “hiking” photoshoot. The funny thing is that Casey’s original “hiking” photo only had 30 likes. On the other hand, Carly’s tweet amounted to 275,000 likes. 


Photo Credit: @caseyrsos on Instagram (via Unilad)


The post garnered mixed opinions from Carly’s and Casey’s followers. It might be a clever marketing tool since it showed that not all posts found on Instagram are real. One Instagram user said, “don’t hate the player, hate the game,” while another one stated that “she brought a water bottle people will do anything for likes!” 

This kind of incident might be harmless but there are some influencers who do endanger themselves. Many social media influencers are visiting dangerous places in order to gain likes. Instagrammers in Spain have gotten sick from taking photos in a toxic lake.




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