A Shocking Cow-tastrophe: Cows Died In A Straight Line After Being Struck By Lightning

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A Shocking Cow-tastrophe: Cows Died In A Straight Line After Being Struck By Lightning


In Northern Texas, 23 cows, 15 heifers, and eight calves were electrocuted when a metal fence was struck by lightning, Daniel Avery of American news magazine Newsweek reports. Rancher Bobby “Trey” Woody III posted a video of the deceased livestock when he discovered the eerie scene on his farm near Annona, Texas last month. The footage was akin to a sequence from an apocalyptic movie, illustrates Emma Rosemurgey of British internet media company Unilad 


Photo by Reuters via The Telegraph


On August 28, Woody wrote on Facebook, "We had a bad thunder storm hit our ranch a few days ago, and we didn't think nothing of it." He stated that his father “went out to check the cows” that morning and found the cows dead. “Lighting struck a fence near where some of our cattle were laying and killed them," Woody added. It is possible that the electricity from the lightning bolt was “looking for a body to travel through,” which caused the cows to be electrocuted, as stated by Rosemurgey. Each of the lifeless cows sustained scorch marks on their upturned bellies, which indicate “how strong the voltage was.” However, one cow “was discovered away from the others.” 

Photo by Serhii Nesterchuk via 123rf


According to Woody, the lightning jolted the animal due to its strong voltage. He described the incident as one of the “wildest and craziest” things he had ever seen. Given the gruesome death of Woody’s livestock, it’s not surprising to consider lightning as a threat to cattle. In fact, it’s not the first time that a lightning bolt has electrocuted animals. For instance, a thunderstorm in Ireland ended up killing eight cows that were sheltering under a bush. Likewise, 19 cows died when lightning struck a tree in a pasture in east Texas back in August 2016. 

Considering that people are prohibited from working or playing in an open field during a thunderstorm, it makes sense as to why many farm animals die from lightning strikes, Rosemurgey says.



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