Bear Raids Fridge and Scares The Living Daylights of Teenagers

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Bear Raids Fridge and Scares The Living Daylights of Teenagers


Hayes Sherman and Bobby Harden were watching TV at home in Truckee, California when they heard a person opening the refrigerator around 12:30 a.m, reports Georgia Slater of celebrity and human interest news platform People. However, the 15-year-olds did not find a person in the kitchen. To their surprise, the guest was a bear! Sherman tells Christina Zdanowicz of American news channel CNN, “I heard footsteps, and then I heard Tupperware being opened really loudly and aggressively.” According to the teenager, the refrigerator started to beep because it was opened for a prolonged period of time. 


A bear entered a house / Photo by: People


Sherman was scared and did not know what to do. “I was watching TV with my friend, and I turned the TV off. We both went to the sliding door to hold it in place so that the bear couldn’t get in,” he recounts. The bear was searching for food in the kitchen, opening the refrigerator and standing on its hind legs until it found what it wanted for a midnight snack. The bear’s act was captured by a Nest camera. The animal destroyed some Tupperware to “eat some taco meat.” It also devoured two pints of Half Baked and The Tonight Dough-flavored Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and some crackers. The bear bumped into the door and shook it several times as the teenagers held the door shut. 

Hayes tried to call his mother and cousin, but they were incognizant of the situation as they were asleep. Since the two pair did not have any phones, Hayes decided to call his mother, Susan Mohun, on his Apple watch. “I whispered to her, ‘Mom, there is a bear in the house. Don’t come downstairs,’ ” Hayes says. Then, he called 911 while his mom alerted the community gatehouse and “asked for a security guard.” 


The bear looking for food / Photo by: Sherman Family via CNN


It was difficult because Hayes was whispering to 911 while trying to hold the door. 13 minutes later, police arrived at the scene and Mohun fought every urge to race down the stairs to help her son. Mohun shares, “That is the worst-case scenario as a parent to have a bear between you and your children.” She was glad she did run downstairs because it might agitate the bear. 

Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy Allyson Prero arrived and found out that the bear entered the home through an unlocked garage door. Prero opened the front door and let the animal leave the house, as stated by the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page. It lingered in the doorway but she fired a warning shot from her shotgun to drive the bear away. Hayes expressed his immense joy, “We came out, and we went to hug her, and we took a photo with her because we were just so grateful that she came to save us.” 


Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy Allyson Prero (center) / Photo by: Placer County Sheriff's Office via Facebook




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