This Guy Spent 19 Years Building a Life-Sized Ark

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This Guy Spent 19 Years Building a Life-Sized Ark


When Johan Huibers from the Netherlands became a father, he would often read them bedtime stories. One particular story that he was completely hooked on was the story of Noah’s Ark and the tale of the great flood. This gave Huibers a crazy idea: to build his own replica of the ark. 


Ark founder Johan Huibers / Photo by: Associated Press via BuzzNick


In 1993, Huibers started to build the 21st-century ark. It was finished by 2006. However, Huibers was not satisfied with the outcome because the ship turned out to be only half the size of Noah’s ship. According to an article by JumbleJoy, an online site that is dedicated to teaching readers creative and simple ways to make life easier, people started offering to help with his project. A team of amateur carpenters decided to join and help him. They were in charge of the next phase of the ship. The boat was finally finished by 2012 with a total cost of almost $1.6 million. 


The Noah's Ark / Photo by: Jumble Joy


Since Huibers and the carpenters are also amateurs, there have been several errors and imperfections. “We’re not professional boatmakers. A lot of stuff here is a bit crooked,” he said. Nonetheless, the ark looks amazing to look at and walk through. According to an article by Buzznick, an online site which aims to deliver the most extraordinary stories from around the world, the ship is 410 feet long, is 95 feet wide, and weighs in at 2,500 tons. 

The ark has five levels that visitors can enjoy. For instance, there are carvings of animals in a two-by-two formation throughout the rooms of the ark, a restaurant, and a media area for visitors to learn more about the ark. Huibers made sure that he followed all of the specifications as it was laid out in the Bible. As of now, he is planning to sail his ark to several destinations such as Rio de Janeiro, Havana, Long Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, and many more. 

The interior of the ark / Photo by: Ark of Noah via Buzznick




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