Surgeon Performs Seven Operations for Nine Hours Straight

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Surgeon Performs Seven Operations for Nine Hours Straight


Physician Dai Yu has taken the work grind to a whole new level after successfully completing seven consecutive surgeries in just nine hours.

Yu, the deputy director at the Orthopedic Department of Longgang Central Hospital in Shenzhen, shot to fame in China after a picture of him falling asleep in the hospital went viral. Social media users hailed him as a hero, but the humble physician said he was simply doing his job to give the best care for his patients.

According to UNILAD, a British Internet media company, Yu told local media that he and his colleagues were given 10 surgical operations that day and began working at around 8 a.m. They carried out seven surgeries without a break and while preparing for the next operation at around 5 p.m., Yu decided to sit on the floor and take a break.

He didn't intend to fall asleep, but did, and a picture of him asleep circulated around the internet when one of Yu's colleagues uploaded it on social media. The doctor went on with the rest of the operations after waking up and stayed in the operating room until around 9 p.m.


Photo by: Ratthaphon Bunmi via 123rf


Praising him for his dedication in carrying out the procedures, people hailed Yu as a hero. One social media user wrote, "Salute—thanks for your effort,]" while another said "doctors are already the best! Well done," as quoted by UNILAD.

It wasn't said what kind of operation Yu did that day. Regardless, the doctor said it was his duty to finish all the procedures as soon as possible as a way to help all of his patients to recover. He aims to further develop his surgical skills as well as make his operations "textbook examples" for his colleagues, he adds.

What Yu did and his intention are both commendable, but it should be noted that medical professionals also need to take rests and not overwork themselves. UNILAD noted that doctors "need to be at optimal concentration levels"—something that gets lost when one is too tired—to make sure they avoid making mistakes that may cost the life of their patients.


Photo by: Longgang Channel




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