Stray Dog Waited Four Years In The Same Spot For His Owner To Come Back, Finally Meets Them

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Stray Dog Waited Four Years In The Same Spot For His Owner To Come Back, Finally Meets Them


A dog’s loyalty towards its master is unmatched, and rarely do humans choose to get out of their way to be with someone they hold dear. Even if its master leaves his/her dog in the middle of nowhere, it will always try to find its way back, even if it means waiting forever in one spot, hoping that the two will cross paths once again.

Though it may sound like something out of a movie, this is what happened between the stray dog Leo and his former owner. Four years ago, the master disowned Leo and left him at an intersection in the city of Khon Kaen, Thailand. Since then, Leo stood there, waiting for his master to come back and fetch him.


Photo Credit by Dog Thailand via Oddity Central


Four years in a dog’s life is already like half, if not most, of their life span yet Leo chose to stay and wait for his owner. It was just this month when Leo went viral on Facebook, with the uploader describing how he stands at the same spot every day and his relation to a woman who always keeps him healthy.

A 45-year-old woman by the name of Saowalak keeps Leo well-fed. She tried to keep Leo for herself, but the dog always finds his way back to the same spot where his former master left him. Upon seeing Leo, Saowalak thought that it would be best to just leave him alone and just keep him healthy by providing him with food every day, which she has been doing over the past couple of years.


Photo Credit by Dog Thailand via Oddity Central


Going back to the viral photos of Leo on Facebook, the post garnered a lot of traffic and was shared hundreds of times until it reached Leo’s former owner, a now-64-year-old woman Nang Noi Sittisarn who lives in the province of Roi Et, Thailand.

Initially, it was her daughter who showed her the photo of Leo, who happens to be named BonBon by his former owners, and the woman almost had a heart attack at the sight of her lost dog who has been gone for four years.


Video by Dog Thailand via Oddity Central


The woman described that Leo, or in this case, BonBon, was not abandoned and that they had lost him during a car trip in 2015. She immediately went to see BonBon in the spot where he used to stay.

So the two had a heartwarming reunion, but in the end, BonBon realized that he already has a master who took care of him while his former masters were gone. The two parted ways, but the woman promised to come visit him sometimes.



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