7 Facts You Should Know About Twice

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7 Facts You Should Know About Twice

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Korean girl group Twice has, once again (no pun intended), reignited back into the forefront of entertainment discussions with their continuous “Feel Special” teaser videos. These feature each of their members in 20-second footages for the upcoming EP release of the same title on September 23, by their label JYP Entertainment.

While we wait for the highly anticipated record, here are seven facts about Twice you should know about.


Photo by: 147 Company via Wikimedia Commons


1. Momo almost did not make it as a Twice

Before Twice first debuted, there were only seven spots offered by JYP Entertainment for the entire group, and the shortlisted Momo was almost not considered. Had it not been for Tzuyu, who has already garnered fame at the time among fans, Park Jin Young would have not reconsidered to let Momo debut with the other girls.


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2. There is a Tzuyu-inspired video game

Speaking of Tzuyu’s popularity, a game designer took inspiration from her skateboarding skills, which was a headliner at the time, and developed a game based around it, featuring a cartoon version of Tzuyu, which the player will take control of.


Photo by: 월아조운's via Wikimedia Commons


3. TWICE is the most "hated" K-Pop group on YouTube

Despite how far they’ve come since their debut in terms of popularity among listeners, Twice has had its fair share of unpleasant moments, which still applies to this day every time they release a music video on YouTube. Though it runs counter to their reputation as one of the most beloved K-pop girl groups today, many of Twice’s music videos are some of the most disliked among K-pop girl groups on the streaming platform, ranging from 157,000 dislikes to 337,000.


Photo by: 월아조운's via Wikimedia Commons


4. Four forefront members were supposed to debut in another group

These are lead vocalists Jeongyon, Naeyon, sub-vocalist Sana, and main vocalist Jihyo. JYP Entertainment had a plan in 2014 to establish a separate six-member girl group that was going to be named SIXMIX, but it was ultimately scratched as the members withdrew from the group. These four Twice stars had to wait a year until Sixteen was launched, and they were successfully integrated into Twice.


Photo by: TWICE FRAME via Wikimedia Commons


5. Jihyo worked hard just to get her foot in the door

Some fans may have already pointed out that Jihyo is one of the most dedicated K-pop icons in the industry today, but even then, it is an understatement as to how hard she fought tooth and nail just to be in the limelight. She trained for 10 years alongside the likes of 2PM and Miss A just to be noticed by big-name labels that kickstarted her idol career, becoming one of the longest-running trainees the company has ever encountered.


Photo by: TWICE STUDIO via Wikimedia Commons


6. Sana has been independent since age 15

In an attempt to compete with other aspiring K-pop idols, Sana moved to South Korea all by herself in 2012 to be a trainee. At first, it wasn’t easy, trying to convince her parents to drop her out of middle school and let her follow her dreams of becoming a K-pop superstar. Fortunately, things panned out well for her. Her parents by now have most likely come to terms with her career move at this point.


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7. TWICE questions have appeared in school exams in Korea

Someone took a photo of a question on a test paper, asking about TWICE’s TT, and uploaded it online. It gained a lot of traction, knowing that schools have been incorporating Twice, or K-pop idol groups in general, in their educational system. The question even came with a photo of Dahyun dressed in a bunny costume.





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