8 New Rock Releases We'll Surely be Awake for Before September Ends

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8 New Rock Releases We'll Surely be Awake for Before September Ends

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Green Day just teased us a new album with the track “Father of All,” which they performed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to somewhat mixed reviews among fans and critics.

However, there are still more reasons not to sleep and just wake up when September ends, as there are a lot of album releases and reissues that we simply should not miss. Here are eight upcoming releases we are most excited about.


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1. Liam Gallagher—“Why Me, Why Not?”

The ever-so-snarky half of the Gallagher brothers is following up his 2017 album “As You Were” with “Why Me, Why Not?” Judging by the title of his new record alone, it seems that the former Oasis frontman may retain the same themes and similar composition style of rock music he had on “As You Were” on this sequel-like album. It is expected to be released on September 20, 2019.


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2. Mudhoney—“Morning in America”

Who would have thought that an underground grunge band of cult status from the 1990s would still be announcing new material near the turning point of the 2010s? While their last full-length studio album “Digital Garbage” was released last year, Mudhoney is expected to release a shorter project, a 7-track EP titled “Morning in America” on September 20.


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3. Blink-182—“NINE”

Much like Green Day, Blink-182 proves that there is still some fuel left in their tank, competing against younger and trendier bands today. Contrary to what the title may suggest, “NINE” is actually the band’s eighth studio album, which will contain 13 tracks. “NINE” will be a follow-up to Blink-182’s 2016 studio album “California” and it is set for release on September 20.


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4. Grateful Dead—“Saint of Circumstance: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 6/17/91”

It’s more of a live album release than a studio release from one of the iconic rock bands in music history. Grateful Dead reached their peak in the ‘80s, although they started out as a band in the mid-60s. Grateful Dead is highly regarded in the rock community and is considered as one of the most successful live performers and innovators of concert sound. Thus, it’s only fitting to pay homage to them by remembering their onstage legacy.


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5. HELLYEAH—“Welcome Home”

Legendary heavy metal drummer Vinnie Paul went on to continue his musical journey after the disbandment of Pantera—the band he is most associated with—by establishing the band HELLYEAH. In June of last year, Paul died of coronary heart disease, but his band lives on and actually has had an appointment with the music press these past few weeks as they announced their upcoming album “Welcome Home,” which may have gotten its title after the passing of Paul. It is expected to be released on September 27.


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6. Ramones—“It’s Alive (Expanded Reissue)”

“It’s Alive” is the first live album of the legendary punk band “Ramones,” whose name may still resonate today, even for those who are not familiar with the band, due to their brand’s omnipresence, transcending the boundaries of music and affecting other industries as well, such as fashion. To honor the 40th anniversary of this Ramones milestone, there will be an expanded reissue of the album to be released late September.


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7. Steel Panther—“Heavy Metal Rules”

Steel Panther is not everyone’s cup of tea and they’re considered by many as a novelty act, something that the band is fully aware of. So, for their upcoming album, they are sticking to their guns and expecting only the hardcore hair metal fans to be on board. Last year, the band announced that they had experienced a hard-drive crash, which delayed the release of their album, prompting them to re-record everything from scratch. We’ll see how it pans out now that they seem to have patched everything up, or at least most of them.


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8. The Beatles—“Abbey Road (Expanded Anniversary Reissue)”

The Beatles may have disbanded a long time ago with no more chance to reunite due to the deaths of two of their members, but their legacy lives on. The 50th-anniversary reissue of their seminal record “Abbey Road,” which paved the way for progressive rock, is set to reissued late this month. In 2014, a mono reissue of the “White Album” was also released.




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