7 Places in the World that You’re Not Allowed to Visit

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7 Places in the World that You’re Not Allowed to Visit

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There is a lot of fascinating destinations for travelers across the world. They offer a glimpse into a country’s culture and heritage, and they also serve as a source of income for the country, as they attract tourists who are only more than willing to spend their money on these destinations.

However, there are also several places in the world that remain prohibited to outsiders. Meaning, visitors are not welcomed there for one reason or another. In today’s globalization, it’s hard to imagine that such places still exist. 

For this reason, these destinations intrigue a lot of people and are more likely to attract curious travelers, especially the more adventurous types. Here are some of the most interesting yet forbidden places in the world.


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Area 51, Nevada

Recently, thousands of people in the US pressured the authorities to open Area 51 to the public. This comes as no surprise since this highly secretive US Air Force military installation has been the focus of numerous conspiracy theories in the past, which mostly involved extraterrestrial life. For many years, the site faced growing scrutiny from the public especially after reports of UFO sightings in the vicinity filtered out. For whatever the reason is, Area 51 remains completely off-limits to the public, and only intelligence and military personnel with special clearance are allowed to enter its premises.


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Snake Island, Brazil

Ilha da Queimada Grande, better known as Snake Island, is home to a huge population of snakes. Reports have revealed that there’s practically one snake in each square meter of the island. According to an article by Mental Floss, an online site that delivers smart, fun, and shareable content in an upbeat and witty environment, there are more than 4,000 of snakes in this place, most of them belonging to the most dangerous species in the world, such as the Golden Lancehead Viper, whose venom is known to eat through flesh. 


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Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican

The Vatican Secret Archives has 53 miles of shelving, over 35,000 volumes of catalog, and 12 centuries worth of documents. It serves as a storage space for a large number of documents relating to the Catholic Church, including Martin Luther's excommunication document, letters from Mary Queen of Scots written before her execution and Michelangelo to Pope Julius I, and many more. Access to this place is strictly limited to qualified scholars from very select higher education and research institutions, as well as to a very small staff who takes care of the archives. Those who wanted to access the documents shall undergo a rigorous access application process.


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Lascaux Caves, France

Located in southwestern France, Lascaux Caves is a Paleolithic cave that houses some of the most popular examples of prehistoric cave paintings. The works of art are estimated to be up to 20,000 years old and depict stags, cattle, bison, cats, and more. The most remarkable of all the paintings can be found in the Hall of the Bulls, known for its four bull murals. According to an article by Far and Wide, an online site that encourages and inspires travelers of all types to get the most out of their journeys, the caves have been closed to the public since the 1960s. Aside from the fact that human presence can be destructive to the works of art, the cave has been invaded by fungi and black mold. These are both reportedly detrimental to human health.


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Poveglia Island, Italy

Considered the most haunted place in Italy, Poveglia Island has been completely off-limits to visitors for many years. Fishermen won’t even fish in the area surrounding the place. However, Poveglia wasn’t always an evil place as many people describe it. It became a quarantine colony in the 14th century for victims of the Bubonic Plague. The island also became an asylum for the area's mentally ill in the 19th century. It was rumored that a cruel doctor performed experiments on the patients there during that time. Today, Poveglia is abandoned and only functions as a home for tortured souls, as they say. 


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North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands

North Sentinel Island is the home of the world’s most isolated tribe. For over 60,000 years, the small indigenous population known as the Sentinelese has rejected contact with all other people. They are one of the world’s last communities to remain untouched by modern civilization. The Sentinelese continue to protect their land violently whenever anybody tries to establish contact. For instance, two fishermen who happened to wander in their island on January 26, 2006 were murdered by the tribe. When an Indian coastguard helicopter tried to retrieve the bodies, the tribesmen greeted them with a volley of arrows.


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Heard Island Volcano, Australia

Considered one of the most dangerous and hardest places in the world to access, the Heard Island Volcano is about two-thirds of the way between Madagascar and Antarctica. This Australian external territory has 41 glaciers and is home to an array of wildlife including penguins, seals, and marine birds. In 2000, researchers discovered that there is a 2,745-foot-high active and complex volcano on the island. Since then, the place is known for the volcano and its dangers. Aside from that, the weather on the island is notoriously poor. People who will attempt to travel here will have to endure a minimum two-week sail.




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