Woman Doing Yoga Falls from 6th-Floor Apartment Balcony

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Woman Doing Yoga Falls from 6th-Floor Apartment Balcony


Yoga is a perfect activity if one wishes to have a healthy body without doing a rigorous exercise routine. It is also a great way for those who like to improve the flexibility of their bodies. But in a report by El Imparcial, a major daily in Oaxaca, Mexico, it was said that that yoga also led to a near-fatal accident. 

The paper recently reported that Alexa Terrazas, 23, has always done yoga on the balcony of her sixth-floor apartment building located in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. The report added that Terrazas also often used the guardrail on the balcony as support for her extreme yoga poses. However, her extreme yoga activity nearly caused her life. She was reportedly doing some complicated poses while leaning on her balcony’s railing when she slipped and fell all the way down. She landed on the pavement.


Alexa Terrazas / Photo by: 9gag


Terrazas was immediately treated by paramedics from the Red Cross and the Nuevo Leon Civil Protection. The 23-year-old, who is a health and nutrition student at Tecnologico de Monterrey, underwent 11 hours of surgery. After suffering from the fall, Terrazas was deemed to be in critical condition as of Monday by the paramedics who attended to her, as she suffered multiple fractures to both her legs and arms, hips, and head.

The report also mentioned that the doctors had to “reconstruct” her legs. The health professionals also mentioned that it would need three years before Terrazas will be able to walk again. Because of her critical condition, netizens have asked their followers on social media to consider giving blood to help the woman.

According to her neighbors, they saw the university student while performing the upside-down yoga pose over the edge of her terrace. The city inspector, on the other hand, confirmed that the rail was structurally sound, which means that the unfortunate event was an accident.


Terrazas before she fell to the ground / Photo by: 9gag