Simple but Ingenious Ways Cities are Modifying their Citizens’ Behavior

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Simple but Ingenious Ways Cities are Modifying their Citizens’ Behavior

Photo by: Swaasfotografie via Pixabay


Even if a lot of cities aren’t smart yet, these places are still able to modify their citizens’ behavior with some ingenious placement of things. Some of these are cost-efficient and people don’t notice them because they are effectively hidden or incorporated with the things that people use every day. 


Photo by: multifacetedgirl via Pixabay


Armrests in the middle of benches

You may have seen some bizarre-looking benches in parks, with extra armrests in the middle aside from those normally found at both ends. Worth-Seeing, a website that provides listicles about travel, art, and weird things on the internet, mentioned that these armrests prevent drunks, homeless people, and tired individuals from lying down on the benches and denying others a chance to sit down. 


Photo by: ElasticComputeFarm via Pixabay


Dummy security cameras

According to reports, the presence of security cameras in cities has helped in decreasing the number of crimes. But if you look closely at some of these cameras, you will discover that they are not actually working. These dummy cameras are way less expensive than the real ones, but they achieve the same effect of discouraging people from committing a crime. Some households are also installing dummy cameras in order to scare away criminals who simply could not tell the face from the real one, and instead just now that there is a camera that is watching and recording their every move.


Photo by: Dickelbers via Wikimedia Commons


Empty police car

The presence of a police car can bring a sense of security and safety to citizens. There are some cities where the government is using empty police cars in order to show authority over the places that have high criminal activity. They serve as a reminder to everyone that even without a police officer visible, the city is still being protected by their government.


Photo by: Nattapol_Sritongcom via Shutterstock



There are cities that put spikes in places where the homeless and drunk people would normally make themselves comfortable, such as below a bridge or beside establishments. Even private establishments use them to drive people away from their properties. The Daily Mail UK, a British daily newspaper, reported on their website that China is already using spikes under their city bridges.

According to the reports, the government put 20-centimeter long barbs around Guangzhou but this sparked outrage from its citizens. Most of their sentiments are about authorities trying to cover up the rising problem of homelessness. 


Photo by: Manny DaCunha via Shutterstock


Trash cans with small openings

Trash cans around the city are very helpful in keeping the place clean. But if you look closely, you might notice that these trash cans are built with small openings. This prevents people from throwing into the trash cans huge piles of trash making them fill up easily, which would require the government to pay more for trash collectors, as the cost depends on the amount of trash being collected. 


Photo by: anhot via Pixabay


Anti-sticker pole covers

Vandalism has always been a problem in cities, and a common sight on traffic poles and walls. One government solution is to put anti-sticker covers on lampposts. These materials are filled with small bumps that prevent stickers from sticking on them.


Photo by: Eogan Roberts via Shutterstock


Metal studs

Cities that are experiencing an annoying number of skateboarders, who cause inconvenience and accidents to other civilians are installing metal studs along railings in obscure places. This practically makes it impossible for skateboarders to do their stuff.