7 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

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7 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

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How often has it been said that just because a lot of people does something a certain way doesn’t make it right? Here are some of the most ordinary things that you may have been doing wrong all your life.


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Peeling a banana

A lot of people love eating bananas. The fruit is great when iced shaken especially during the summer season. It can also be made into a pastry and enjoyed as a banana cake or muffin. Of course, it can be eaten as it is. And this is where people often commit a mistake, as they peel the fruit. Viraliq, a website that provides listicles about life, celebrities, funny, and weird news, shared in an article that peeling the banana starting from its tip (while holding on to its stem) is wrong and that it should be the other way around. Starting to peel off the banana from its stem will make it easier and allow for the natural shape of the fruit to be retained. 


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Soda drinking with a straw

For a refreshingly cold beverage, one convenient choice is the soda in a can. These products are available in most vending machines and people drink them straight from the can or use a straw. However, a lot of people find it a hassle to keep their straws in place inside the can as these plastic tools keep on bobbing up especially when the can still has a lot of content. What they don’t realize is that the designer of the can actually have a solution built in. They may have noticed that the part of the can on top that is pulled up to open it has a hole, and it serves a specific purpose. That is where the straw is supposed to go through and will keep it from bobbing up and out of the can.


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Riding an elevator

Elevators are used to transport people who are working or living in a high-rise building. This metal enclosure is also the perfect place for workplace drama, where personal sentiments and information about promotions and cutbacks are often exchanged. If you want to have the elevator all your own, though, there’s a trick that you can do. Simply press the floor button you desire and the “close doors” button at the same time. This will give you an express and solo ride without a stop on any floor except your own. What’s even better is it’s perfectly safe and won’t mess up with the elevator’s electronics.


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Sandwich making

When was the last time you prepared a sandwich for yourself? If it’s been a while, then you should try this trick on creating the perfect ham sandwich. Hams are normally circular in shape while the bread is square, which means there will be corners in your sandwich without a piece of ham in them. The solution is to cut the ham in half and then place the side of the ham with the straight edge on the outer portion of the bread, with the circular sides overlapping in the center. Problem solved.


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We all have had indecisive moments with our friends, and in order to settle the issue, people often rely on the game of rock-paper-scissors. As simple as it might seem, this game can be easily manipulated especially if the person knows how to lie perfectly. Viraliq stated in their article that scientists have discovered that there is a strategy that one could use to increase the success rate. If you lose the first round, use whatever will beat the thing that your opponent used. If you win, use the thing that will beat what you have used the first time. To illustrate: if you won using scissors, play rock the next time


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Applying perfume

Ever wonder why your expensive perfume wouldn’t last the whole day? This might be because you are spraying at the wrong places. The common mistake that novices do is putting too much on since commercials usually portray model basking on it. In reality, it would just make the air stuffy and toxic. 

Instead of spraying mindlessly, you may spray behind the ears, inside the wrists, on the base of the throat, and even behind the knee. These places are warm enough to make the fragrance evaporate and applying an ample amount is effective to make the senses aware of the scents. 


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As a child, we are taught that it is essential to take a bath regularly. But there are some that tend to over-bath. Although it might sound good because we believe that it will help in cleaning our body, it might also mean drying the skin out and removing essential oils. Dermatologists recommend 10 minutes of shower time using lukewarm water every two or three days.