Egyptian Masseur 'Burns" Muscle Pain Away with Fire Massage

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Egyptian Masseur 'Burns" Muscle Pain Away with Fire Massage


It's dangerous to play with fire, but this Egyptian masseur doesn't seem to mind the hazards.

At his spa in the Nile Delta governorate of Gharbeya, 35-year-old Abdel Rehim Saeid is using fire to ease his clients' muscle pain—an ancient Pharaonic technique known as the "fiery towel."

According to a Reuters report, Saeid starts with a standard massage using oil and chamomile to stimulate blood circulation and ease some of the pain in the affected areas. He begins applying the technique once he finishes with the standard massage.


Photo Credit: Mohamed Abd El Ghany (via Reuters)


Saeid first puts several layers of towels, along with other isolating materials, on the client's back. On top of the layers is a towel soaked in alcohol, which the masseur sets on fire. He let the towel burn for about a minute before putting the blazes out with another wet towel. The technique helps in sucking out the moisture from the body.

"It is ...called a fiery massage," Saeid says. "I communicate with the human body, coming into close contact with the body of the human in front of me."


Photo Credit: Mohamed Abd El Ghany (via Reuters)


Although it helps in further stimulating blood flow, the masseur says he can't use the technique with people suffering from high blood pressure, kidney failure, or haemophilia. Saeid trained in Morocco under the wing of an expert in the fiery towel technique, he tells Reuters, in addition to several massage certifications he earned from institutions in Egypt.

One of his clients, Mohammed al-Shaer, reported having his pain eased by "100 percent" after getting the fiery treatment.


Photo Credit: Mohamed Abd El Ghany (via Reuters)


"Before, I could not stand to pray. I couldn’t stretch my back when I got out of a car," al-Shaer said. "Now, after the second session, my body is getting better and my movement is better. I used to be very lazy but this is no longer the case."




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