This Woman Claims She No Longer Needs to Eat Solid Food

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This Woman Claims She No Longer Needs to Eat Solid Food


We all need food to survive. This is a fact that we learn as children. However, 25-year-old Audra Bear from Minneapolis believes that she doesn't need to eat solid food, all thanks to her ‘breatharian’ lifestyle.

Recently, Bear has been vocal about practicing ‘prana’ and ‘breatharianism’, turning away from her old hangry-monster lifestyle. According to her, the term ‘prana’ means energy. Breatharians like her believe that they inhale both air and prana while breathing, which nourishes their body. “Prana is another word for energy, also known as Qi or Chi. It is a life-giving force that flows in, through and around all things, it’s in the air we breathe, the sunshine, nature, connections with people and all living things,” she said. 


Audra Bear: Audrabear via Instagram and Unilad


Unilad, a British Internet media company and website owned by LADbible Group, reported that Bear gets most of her energy from breathing exercises and being out in nature. Bear stated that prana is a powerful energy that can fuel and sustain humans. Thus, there’s no need for solid foods. Every day, she would practice breathing rituals for one to three hours. She also eats smoothies, tea, and juices rather than solid meals. Bear claims that she has been more energetic and healthy since embracing the lifestyle eight months ago. 


Bear's drinks / Photo by: Audrabear via Instagram and Unilad


Bear also eats solid food occasionally. She claimed that her longest fast lasted for a full 97 days. During these days, she solely consumed juices and smoothies. However, Kirsten Jackson, a dietitian, warns others about Bear’s lifestyle. “Pureeing your diet is really not recommended unless you have a swallowing problem. When you puree your food it actually dilutes the nutritional content and can lead to malnutrition. In cases where a pureed diet is needed for medical purposes, we actually end up fortifying the diet with things like cream and butter just to get enough calories into the individual,” she said. 


The preparation for her drinks / Photo by: Audrabear via Instagram and Unilad




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