Medieval Witch Prison in Britain Up for Sale

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Medieval Witch Prison in Britain Up for Sale


In 1852, the St. Osyth witch trials had accused 14 women of witch-related crimes. Three of them were executed. During the trial, these women were detained in a medieval prison in England known as “The Cage.” Decades later, this small building that housed people accused of witchcraft is now up for sale.


Witch trials in the UK / Photo by: Culture Club and Getty via Live Science


One of the accused was a local healer named Ursula Kemp who was sentenced to death by hanging. Kemp, whose plaque hangs on one of the prison’s walls, was accused of casting spells that were believed to be the cause of the death of a neighbor's newborn. During the 16th and 17th centuries, St. Osyth in Essex, UK was a hotbed of witchcraft trials as Kemp accused others of practicing witchcraft. In return, they accused even more unfortunate individuals. In the 1640s alone, 82 ‘witches’ were put to death in Essex out of the 112 that were executed in England.

During a construction project in a St. Osyth garden in 1921, two female skeletons that were thought to be the remains of executed witches were found. Some of the bones were discovered to have been pierced with nails which had been a common practice for dead witches to keep their spirits from haunting the living. This led many to claim that the house was haunted given the history of The Cage. 


The Cage / Photo by: Shutterstock via Live Science


Owner Vanessa Mitchell is now trying to sell the building. However, this isn’t the first time she has tried to. Micthell attempted to sell The Cage thrice since moving out in 2008. It was reported that she transformed away from the house after seeing "mysterious blood spatters" and being "physically attacked" by malevolent ghosts. She described one of them as "a satanic-looking goat.” 

Thus, many prospective buyers are warned about this house: "With a reputation attracting TV crews from around the world, this unique 2 bedroom cottage comes available with many resident ghosts.” 


St. Osyth gatehouse / Photo by: JohnArmagh via Wikimedia Commons




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