This Artist Demonstrates Beauty in Destruction Through Shattered Glass

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This Artist Demonstrates Beauty in Destruction Through Shattered Glass


There is beauty in destruction.

Like a sculptor who creates something by breaking marble, Swiss artist Simon Berger does the same but, instead of sculptures, he uses laminated glass panes as his canvas by carefully smashing it with a hammer and chisel to create portraits and all sorts of images he could imagine.


Photo Credit: Simon Berger (via Oddity Central)


Berger revealed that he had developed his own technique to make his works look detailed, especially from a far distance where the image can be seen clearly, and as an artist who strives to stand out among the rest, he knew he had to do something that has never been done before, which is why he opted to develop his own way of creating art rather than just submitting to the traditional ways of creating art, though he is a trained carpenter by heart.

Just like any other artist, Berger also needs an image which he will use as a reference point for his glass art, so he takes photos of people and objects as well; the ones in his portraits were his models. Then, he processes the photos he took to make sure that all the necessary details are clear enough for him to see before printing it out.


Photo Credit: @abcm5784 on Instagram (via Oddity Central)


“Human faces have always fascinated me,” Berger said. “On safety glass, these motifs come into their own and magically attract visitors. It is a discovery from abstract fogging to figurative perception.”

It is also important for Berger to mark the areas which he is going to smash harder, he is going to smash lightly, and he will leave out. He noted that the areas that only require a light smash are the most difficult to deal with because applying pressure too much on these areas can ruin the entire artwork.


Photo Credit: @artstuebli on Instagram (via Oddity Central)


Berger prefers to work on laminated glass pane like the ones used as car windshields and storefronts due to how dense the material is, which makes it easier for him to control the cracks he is creating out of them without shattering the entire glass pane, unlike other types of glass which tend to get shattered quite easily even with the slightest bit of pressure.




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