Tupi Saravia: The Instagram User Who Admitted to Faking Clouds

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Tupi Saravia: The Instagram User Who Admitted to Faking Clouds


Instagram travel influencer Tupi Saravia admitted to faking clouds in her photos after users noticed the same cloud formations in different posts, says Tanya Chen of internet and media company Buzzfeed News. Chen reports Saravia using a photo-editing app called Quickshot to enhance or embed clouds into her photos if her camera “can’t pick them up” when the sky is “burned or overexposed.”

Quickshot is a free and quick editing app with a feature called Sky Control, which allows a user to add clouds. Saravia tends to use the same cloud pattern even if Quickshot has other clouds with different patterns. She admits, “I just happened to like that one.” This is not surprising considering Saravia is open to photoshopping, and even helped one of her followers edit a photo using the same app.


Photo Credit: @tupisaravia on Instagram (via Buzzfeed)


Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with Saravia’s practice. One user stated, “Why we end here on social media!? Faking all the photos!? I can point other users doing this, as a photographer I can't stand this." Saravia, appearing to be confused by the negativity she received, countered, “I really don't see the big deal [here], I never lied about it. I haven’t done anything wrong, and it was never my intention.” The Instagram influencer even joked that the clouds were following her all over the globe, earning laughs from her fans.

Saravia experienced the most surprising plot twist of her life as Quickshot made a deal with the travel influencer to create “a new cloud pack” she will personalize. The photo-editing firm is also toying with the idea of having Saravia ask her 314,000 followers to submit cloud patterns, but the “details are still being ironed out.”


Photo Credit: @tupisaravia on Instagram (via Buzzfeed)


For Saravia, collaborating with Quickshot is exciting. While the app helps polish her photos, working with the company to create clouds along with her followers is “hilarious,” she points out. Saravia adds, “Plus, now I’ll have the option to change the clouds I use for all the people who pointed out that I use the same ones.”




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