40 Mothers Who Experienced Miscarriage Pose for a Powerful Photograph

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40 Mothers Who Experienced Miscarriage Pose for a Powerful Photograph


A photographer named Ashley Sargent has spent months taking photos of newborn rainbow babies. These are the little angels that were born after the mother experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth. This kind of event in any parent’s life is a tragic thing that nobody wants to experience. 

According to the report by People.com, a website that provides news about celebrity and human-interest stories, the photographer successfully managed to bring together 40 mothers who suffered from a miscarriage. It was only a matter of time before she pulled the extra special photoshoot. 

On July 21, Sargent, who owns Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC, contacted 40 mothers from Fyffe, Alabama. The photoshoot shows the mothers holding their babies as they pose while dressed in the colors of the rainbow. In the other images, women are holding balloons and letting them go in order to honor their little angels.


Photo by: dreamerb via 123rf


“Knowing each of them and hearing their stories, it was just incredible to step back and see what we had all pulled together. I knew nearly all the moms personally. I had seen their stories unfold,” Sargent said in an interview with People.com. She also added that the photoshoot was very “humbling and very emotional” and Sargent claimed that her tears started to roll down after realizing the struggles that they have overcome. 

The photographer explained that she got the idea after doing several photoshoots with rainbow babies. There is one mother who said that, initially, she never liked the term “rainbow baby”, but after looking at the photographs she made, the mother’s opinion started to change. 

“After so many moms commented over and over, I began to have a vision of seeing all the moms standing together, dressed in shades of the rainbow, holding their miracle child,” Sargent shared as she posted some of the photos she took on the internet.


Photo by: altanaka via Shutterstock




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