Sausage Vending Machines a Hit in Germany

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Sausage Vending Machines a Hit in Germany


Germans no longer have to wait until morning to satisfy their late-night cravings for their favorite sausage and barbeque meats. Sausage vending machines are becoming popular outside German cities where shops are less likely to have longer operating hours, according to a survey by the German Press Agency.

"Especially in structurally weak, rural areas, vending machine solutions are becoming increasingly popular," said Heike Richter, an industry spokesperson, as per a report in The Independent.

"There is a strong development towards the vending machine, which is used to deliver meat, milk, eggs and other products to customers outside of core opening times."


Photo Credit: DPA PA (via Independent)


Some of the vending machines, put up by butchers, sell three to four types of sausages. To complete a traditional, hearty German feast, some machines even have punnets of potato salad while others have stock eggs, milk, butter, fruit, and vegetables—every kitchen essentials people need available for purchase even at the dead of the night.

According to The Independent, there are more than 570,000 sausage vending machines scattered across Germany. But even with their popularity, they are expected to complement traditional shops instead of replacing them as the machines operate in areas where putting up a shop may not be economically viable.


Photo Credit: DPA PA (via LadBible)


"Vending machines will play a complementary role in brick-and-mortar retailing," Wolfgang Kampmeier of the Berlin-Brandenburg trade association said in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. 

These machines are indeed different from the common candy or cola vending machines found in most cities, but they have yet to come close to the ones found in Japan.

The country has long been associated with unusual vending machines. According to the Lad Bible, some Japanese vending machines offer people a fresh pair of underwear whenever they need one. They also have the common can of Fanta, but some machines allow buyers to get some saké or seafood as well.




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