Raw Chicken Parts Scattered Around The Streets Of Brooklyn

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Raw Chicken Parts Scattered Around The Streets Of Brooklyn


New York City is known for its busy yet breathtaking streets and buildings. But one day in Brooklyn, New Yorkers were left with a lot more questions than answers when they saw a massive amount of disgusting raw chicken scattered on its streets. People.com, a website that provides news about celebrity and human-interest stories, mentioned that this happened early in the morning just when the day was starting. 


Raw chickens scattered / Photo by: Sara Vilkomerson via Twitter


Just before 10 A.M., the authorities immediately responded after receiving an alarming call about the incident. The scattered raw chicken parts were found around the area of Bond Street and Bergen Street. Sergeant Jessica McRorie, a spokesperson for the New York Police Department, also shared in an interview with PEOPLE that they noticed employees of the Department of Sanitation “cleaning up raw chicken parts on the road.”

The weird event left the residents bothered, confused, and disgusted. “Does anyone know what the hell kind of chicken massacre happened in Boerum Hill?” former Entertainment Weekly reporter Sara Vilkomerson tweeted on her account. This tweet also had a video of the raw chicken that filled the streets. 


Boerum Hill and the streets where the incident happened / Photo by: Qz2247 via Wikimedia Commons


Some of the residents claimed that the smell from the raw chickens smelled like it had some kind of disease. They also mentioned that they could hear the “crunching of bones” whenever a vehicle would run over these chicken bones. Cullen Camic said in a newspaper interview that the sound of these bones sounded like what a war would sound like.

So far, the authorities still don’t have an explanation for why the raw chicken appeared in the streets in the first place. The spokesperson for the New York City Sanitation Department mentioned in an interview with ABC & NY that they are still investigating what happened. However, they refused to provide any additional comments about the matter. 


NYPD patrol car / Photo by: Tony Hisgett via Wikimedia Commons




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