World’s Weirdest Tourist Destinations

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World’s Weirdest Tourist Destinations


People love to travel. Many of us aspire to go from one place to another, experience different cultures, and just enjoy life. Luckily, our world offers a lot of amazing places with many things to see and discover. Tourist spots like Disneyland and the Eiffel Tower attract thousands upon thousands of visitors across the world. However, if you’re the type of traveler who gets bored with the same old attractions and tourist traps, here are some destinations for you.


Doll Island, Morocco / Photo by: All That's Interesting


Island of the Dolls, Mexico

Located in Isla de las Munecas, Mexico, this destination will welcome you with dismembered, clownish, and eerie dolls hanging off almost all the trees on the island. Legend says that Don Julian Santana, the man who used to live in this place, was haunted by a little girl who drowned in the nearby canal. He began trading his vegetables for old dolls to appease the spirit. Today, the island is filled with hundreds of decomposing baby dolls. Some say that these dolls possess the soul of the girl.



Danakil Depression, Ethiopia / Photo by: Travel Triangl


Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

The Danakil Depression, located in Ethiopia, is a result of the divergence of three tectonic plates in the Horn of Africa. According to TravelTriangle, India’s leading online holiday marketplace bringing both travelers and travel agents, visitors will see normal run-of-the-mill pools -- but acid pools. The place is filled with crusts of salt and sulfur. This is considered one of the hottest, driest and lowest places on the planet.



Karni Mata Temple, India / Photo by: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra via Flickr


Temple of Rats, India

The Temple of Rats, also known as the Karni Mata Temple, was named after the Goddess Karni. The goddess believed her family members wouldn’t ever die, but instead would be reincarnated as rats. For decades, the residents of the town firmly believe in this legend, claiming that the population of more than 20,000 rats living in the temple are family members of Karni. They considered the rats sacred, providing them with food and refuge in the temple. 



Paris Catacombs, France / Photo by: All That's Interesting


Catacombs of Paris, France

The Catacombs of Paris are located in a small part of a tunnel which was built to consolidate Paris’ ancient stone quarries. This destination holds the remains of more than six million people. According to an article by All That’s Interesting, a site for curious people who want to know more about what they see on the news or read in history books, this underground maze-like burial site is populated with skulls and bones from the 1700s. The Catacombs of Paris was specifically constructed to house the bones of the deceased when cemeteries in Paris became too packed.



Akodessawa Voodoo Market / Photo by: Alexander Sarlay via Wikimedia Commons


Akodessawa Fetish Market

Located in Togo, West Africa, the Akodessawa Fetish Market is considered the world's largest voodoo market which features monkey heads, skulls, dead birds, crocodiles, skins and other products of dead animals. This is also a place where people can find voodoo priests who bless and create fetishes or predict the future and make medicines to heal whatever ails you. Those who come here are believers who can’t afford traditional treatment or are looking for hope if traditional treatment has failed them. You will also find talismans and charms that are said to treat the flu and infertility, and even remove black curses. 



Bubblegum Alley, San Luis Obispo, California / Photo by: All That's Interesting


Bubblegum Alley, California

The Bubblegum Alley, located in San Luis Obispo, California, is known for its accumulation of used bubble on the walls of an alley. The 15-foot high, 70-foot long alley covered with chewed gum was believed to have started as a competition between two rival high schools. Since the '70s, the wall has been cleaned twice for being unsanitary but the bubblegum came back each time. However, local businesses are less enthused about the place, saying that people who leave local pubs leave both gum and bodily fluids behind on the walls. 



Pripyat, Ukraine / Photo by: All That's Interesting


Pripyat, Ukraine

When we think of Chernobyl, we wouldn’t immediately think of a perfect place for a vacation. This is because the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded on April 26, 1986, contaminating the town with radioactive material. The closest town in the powerplant was Pripyat which used to be one of the most beautiful and luxurious cities in the Soviet Union. However, all residents were forced to evacuate during the nuclear explosion for their safety. As of now, the city and its Zone of Alienation are bordered with guards and police. Tourists will be welcomed with decrepit buildings and expansive destruction. 



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