Coffee Shop Had A Witty War Between Fans For ‘Customer of The Week’

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Coffee Shop Had A Witty War Between Fans For ‘Customer of The Week’


Most of us love coffee shops near us. Even if the place is packed with people typing on their computers, there is still a feeling of tranquility and calmness in these places. The smell of freshly-brewed coffee wafting through the shop can easily embody one’s soul and wake up their senses. 

In an article published by Mirror UK, a British national daily tabloid newspaper founded in 1903, they reported that one coffee shop fan always went to a particular cafe, to the point that he felt like he deserved an award. Fraser Harvey, from Melbourne, Australia declared himself as the Sensory Lab’s Customer of the Week since the coffee shop didnt give out a loyalty card, unlike those popular ones. 


A coffee shop customer / Photo by: Getty Images via The Mirror


Fraser felt like he had to take matters into his own hands and, the next day, he visited the coffee shop, he put up a photo of himself saying that he’s the Customer of the Week. Unfortunately, his reign as the titleholder did not last long because as he returned to his favorite shop, he found out that someone trumped him. The contender put up a larger and framed photo of herself as the Customer of the Week. 

According to his tweet, found on his Twitter, @CondimentWords, he stated, “I go back in and am confronted by this horseshit. Another customer has tried to one-up me. They’ve just made a very unpowerful enemy.” 


Customer of the Week posted on the shop's wall / Photo by: Toast of the WWWeb via Twitter


This started the fan war between the coffee shop fans. 

Fraser immediately hit and came back with an actual certificate with a bigger frame. On the other hand, his foe didn't back down that easily and posted her certificate through a projector screen. After this, Fraser collaborated with the staff of the coffee shop as they created shirts and a loyalty program.


Customer of the Week on the frame / Photo by: Toast of the WWWeb via Twitter