Great Murder Plots Throughout the Medieval Era

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Great Murder Plots Throughout the Medieval Era


The Medieval era was a bloody time in Europe, from the crusades that started the divide amongst people from different religions, to the many backstabbing plots within royal families that would make the killing of Julius Caesar of Rome look like child’s play.

Here, we are going to focus on the latter. These are seven note-worthy murder plots that happened throughout the Medieval era.


Count Charles the Good / Photo by: Kyle Cornelius Kramer


1. Count Charles the Good

Charles got his title as Count of Flanders while his cousin Baldwin was on his dying breath. But upon receiving his royal title, Charles made enemies with the Erembald family, and it didn’t end well for him as the Erembalds ordered their men to kill Charles. Not so “good” for someone known as Charles the Good, huh?



The murder of King Canute IV of Denmark / Photo by: Christian Albreacht von Benzon via Listverse


2. King Canute IV of Denmark

If Count Charles’ death wasn’t enough to teach his family not to spark conflict with other people, maybe the killing of King Canute IV did. After the murder of Charles the Good, the king forced his peasants to pay tribute to him by increasing their taxes. Of course, the people under Canute IV’s ruling weren’t pleased despite how pious a man Charles was during his lifetime, and they formed a rebellion against the king which resulted in his death.



King Eric V of Denmark / Photo by: Wikimedia Commons via Listverse


3. King Eric V of Denmark

Another Danish king who was brutally murdered during his ruling. But while the killing of King Canute IV was done by his own people, King Eric V was stabbed to death by a group of Franciscan monks who snuck their way into his room while he was in deep slumber. But who knows if the king had at least expected that someone would try to kill him? After all, he was notorious for being a tyrant who made a lot of enemies.



The murder of King Alboin of the Lombards / Photo by: Charles Landseer via Listverse


4. King Alboin of the Lombards

King Alboin, like the other Medieval rulers mentioned in this list, has made a lot of enemies, and he doesn’t let them have their chance against him, either. One of them is the King of the Gepids who was killed by Alboin. However, little did the Lombard king know that he was about to be outsmarted by the daughter of the man he killed. After his father’s death, Rosemund tried to seduce one of Alboin’s guards in an attempt to manipulate him into killing his own master, which he eventually did while King Alboin was on his bedchamber.



Prince Andrew of Hungary being tossed out of a window / Photo by: Karl Briulov via Listverse


5. Prince Andrew of Hungary

Prince Andrew is the cousin of Princess Joanna of Naples, whom she was betrothed to after the death of her father King Robert. But Joanna did not like Andrew whatsoever. She insisted that she was the queen and Andrew was just her husband. She eventually won the hearts of her people, which led to the assassination of Andrew, who was killed half-naked.



Princess Joanna of Naples / Photo by: Wikimedia Commons via Listverse


6. Princess Joanna of Naples

However, Princess Joanna’s moment of glory was short-lived. After the death of Prince Andrew, the Hungarians, particularly the relatives of the late prince, were outraged by how Princess Joanna inspired a rebellion against her own cousin and husband. Princess Joanna grew to power, but she was soon assassinated after Charles of Durazzo ordered his men to infiltrate her kingdom.



Galswintha, Sigebert, and Chilperic / Photo by: Ancient Origins


7. Galswintha, Sigebert, and Chilperic

Perhaps one of the more overlooked events in Medieval history, the story of Fredegund the Bloodthirsty and her continuous murder plots against people she despises is also among the most impressive narratives recorded in that era. Fredegund, who grew up a slave under Frankish King Chilperic, eventually got married to her master, but that was after she murdered Queen Galswintha by strangling her to death. As she rose into power, Fredegund ordered her men to kill her husband’s brother Sigebert. Soon enough, she also killed Chilperic while convincing him to lower imposed taxes.



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