Weight-Loss Misconceptions that You Should Stop Believing

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Weight-Loss Misconceptions that You Should Stop Believing

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A lot of people are always searching the internet for the best ways on how to lose some weight. They find that for most cases, these weight-loss methods can be overwhelming while for some, their promise of instant results is too good to be true. Indeed, it can be difficult to tell which of the myriad diet and exercise programs online are true. 

This is why one should always keep an open mind before trying out any diet program or fitness regime that promises weight loss. Sure, these diets and exercises might be helpful in shedding a few pounds, but make sure that these will be appropriate for your physical condition.

To further complicate matters for someone on the lookout for the best way to become physically fit, there are also a lot of myths associated with weight loss. Here are the most prevalent that you need to take with a grain of salt.


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Exercise is the solution

24/7 Wall St., a website that provides articles about business, technology, economy, and investing, mentioned that it might be hard for other people to accept that exercise is important to lose weight, but it is not the only thing that you need. “In reality, it’s more like 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise,” Susan Fink, a personal trainer in Los Angeles, explained. 


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You shouldn’t eat late at night

We are always told that one should refrain from eating late at night. Some diet experts recommend that people should practice having their dinner before 7 p.m. They believe that if you eat later, the chances of you getting fat will increase. But the truth is, a person should have their dinner at whatever time it is if they haven’t eaten yet because the body requires a certain amount of calories a day. 


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Working harder means eating more

Many believe that as a person works harder their body will require more fuel, which means they feel hungrier that makes them eat more. The truth is, people have difficulty losing weight because of the sudden changes that they are doing to their body, not because they work out harder. 


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Practicing abrupt changes

One step to take to lose weight is by starting to make some changes in your lifestyle, such as a better diet and becoming more active. However, implementing changes too fast and all at the same time might be counterproductive. If a person has a sedentary lifestyle, then they should get up and exercise more often. But in order to see positive results, one should make these changes slowly by having a healthy plan mapped out for an entire program.


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Eliminate the carbs

A healthy diet means that the body should receive an ample amount of nutrients, but cutting off carbs completely is not advisable. Those people who prefer a low-carb diet might see changes quickly, but it is not only fat that they are losing. As the body loses its carbohydrate source, it is also losing glycogen that is found in the liver. 

Livestrong, a website that provides insight to simple healthy living, added that removing carbs in your diet might result in constipation and kidney damage because the substance is responsible for the soluble fiber that makes it possible for the stool to pass easily through the colon. 


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Being slim will make you happy and healthy

Having the notion that one can only achieve happiness and contentment if they are slim and sexy is dangerous and problematic. If a person feels guilty after having a bite or two of a bacon cheeseburger, it might drive them to practice unhealthy ways to lose weight. There also cases of fat people having low self-esteem because of how society pictures them, and this can lead them to have eating disorders. 


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Healthy foods are expensive

People are discouraged from practicing a healthy diet because of the misconception that healthy meals require spending a lot more. It’s true that there are websites that provide healthy meal recipes that use expensive ingredients, but there are also those that provide cheaper but equally healthy alternatives.