Seal "Helps" Thwart International Drug Ring

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Seal "Helps" Thwart International Drug Ring


Last week, police launched a raid on Burton Island off the port town of Geraldton, finding Frenchman Antoine Dicenta and British man Graham Palmer allegedly with 1.087 tons of methylamphetamine, cocaine, and ecstasy hidden in dozens of bags, reports Australian Associated Press via British daily newspaper The Guardian.


Photo Credit: The Guardian


The officials were alerted to the drug ring when Dicenta and Palmer were found hiding in Burton island after their yacht “ran aground off Western Australia,” writes British public broadcaster BBC. At first, they were concerned that the boat’s occupants “were in trouble at sea,” as the dinghy was missing. A crayfisherman saw a person on the island “ducking down in a bid to hide in a low scrub as an aircraft flew overhead,” states Damien Healy, a Geraldton volunteer marine rescue service vice commander.


Photo Credit: The Guardian


The men attempted to hide the bags containing the drugs under seaweed. The offenders then attempted to flee when the police arrived, but they a huge seal prevented them from making their escape. “They woke it up and it jumped up with its big chest out and bellowed at them,” recalls Healy, via Australian radio network ABC radio. The two culprits were forced to make the hardest decision of their lives— either “going through the seal or getting arrested.” They ended up choosing the latter.

Thanks to the seal’s help, authorities charged the pair with “importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug.” Moreover, police commissioner Chris Dawson identified Jason Lassiter, Scott Felix Jones, and Angus Bruce Jackson as the “shore party” in charge of receiving the drugs, says Phil Hickey of PerthNow, a newspaper distributed in Perth and Western Australia.


Photo Credit: The Guardian


"We have disrupted a big international drug syndicate here," he adds. The officers are currently collaborating with the U.K’s National Crime Agency and other international partners. Meanwhile, Dawson shared a tip with suspects: “If you’re in a hot pink shirt don’t try and hide in low scrub.”




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