World-Record-Breaking Mom Runs Marathons While Pushing 3 Kids In A Stroller

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World-Record-Breaking Mom Runs Marathons While Pushing 3 Kids In A Stroller


35-year-old super mom Cynthia Arnold runs marathons and half marathons in record-breaking time while pushing three children in a stroller, writes Helen Murphy of celebrity and human interest news platform People. Arnold has been running for most of her life, revealing she ran track and cross country in high school. She also ran cross country in college.

Arnold continued running after graduation and “enjoyed doing trail running and trail racing.” Hence, it’s not surprising for her to recently break her own record for the “fastest marathon run while pushing a three-person stroller.” Ever since Arnold became a mom, she started tagging her children along. When she had her first child, the runner immediately bought a running stroller and started running with her daughter. Arnold had two more kids and the past year, she “broke the half marathon record for running” with her three children in a triple stroller.


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The following year, Arnold did the same “with the full 26.2 miles at the Missoula, Montana marathon.” She clocked in at three hours and 11 minutes, although her staggering time is awaiting official acknowledgment from the Guinness World Records. Arnold says her children were ages one, three, and six at the time of the marathon. All her kids “enjoy” riding with their mother during training. She also takes them for short runs.

According to Arnold, “I generally would run when they needed to take a nap.” She adds, “And they would just fall asleep in the stroller…” If her children are not taking a nap, then they just “have some quiet time” in the stroller. They live in rural Montana, where they see a lot of wildlife on their runs. Arnold’s kids enjoy looking for deer, foxes, and coyotes.


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Her kids loved seeing people cheering them on during the record-breaking marathon. Arnold played I spy and cracked jokes with their father, who rode on a bike. She was featured in a Runner’s World article. However, parents were concerned about keeping her children in the stroller “for that long.” They were worried that Arnold would not let her kids go to the restroom or were starving to death or uncomfortable.

She shares, “I told my kids, ‘Anytime that you need to go to the bathroom, we’ll stop.’” Arnold brought food and water for her children to consume. Does the super mom have plans to break more records? Arnold states, “I wouldn’t rule it out.” In fact, that there are “a couple of distances” she might be interested to participate in.




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