After Recent Release from Prison, 26-Year-Old Man Arrested for Leaving Doughnut Trails on Trump’s Golf Course

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After Recent Release from Prison, 26-Year-Old Man Arrested for Leaving Doughnut Trails on Trump’s Golf Course


This man from New Jersey sure loves to get in the way of famous people. We don’t know if he’s just trying to prove something, or if he just happens to stumble upon these kinds of people by coincidence.

In a way, we could call him lucky for being noticed by people of great influence and popularity.

Just a week ago, the 26-year-old Richard McEwan was arrested for allegedly breaking into a beachfront mansion in Rhode Island owned by none other than the country-pop star Taylor Swift.


Photo Credit: Somerset County Prosecutors Office (via Huffpost)


McEwan was reportedly barefoot when he initiated the infiltration as recorded by the police officers who arrested him. Soon enough, he was charged with breaking and entering and willful trespassing. He was eventually released after a $5,000 bond was paid.

But McEwan thought his brief time in prison isn’t enough. He wanted to screw around one more time and for his second offense, he meddled with the United States President Donald Trump himself by allegedly doing “doughnuts,” a term used to describe a car drifting in circles until the tires leave a circular, doughnut-shaped, trail behind, on his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey on Monday.


Photo Credit: Flickr


Of course, the police force and Trump’s party didn’t take this kindly and took action against McEwan who was charged with criminal mischief.

It’s hard to say if McEwan intentionally did what he did on Trump’s golf course following his previous transgression as some form of protest against famous people or if he simply didn’t learn a lesson during his time in prison.

According to the police, McEwan has driven his car through the president’s golf course twice in the last week (Sept. 3 and Sept. 8). The damage his doughnut trails left cost the president’s party at least $17,000.

The schedule of McEwan’s trial in court is yet to be announced, but one of Trump’s representatives assures that “he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”




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