Bank Sues Shopaholic Couple for Spending Money That Wasn’t Theirs after Accidental Deposit was Made

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Bank Sues Shopaholic Couple for Spending Money That Wasn’t Theirs after Accidental Deposit was Made


Here’s one thing you may not know when it comes to handling finances: if someone accidentally deposits money into your account, it is your responsibility to report the error to the bank, confirming that you indeed have received a certain amount from someone else, and return the money to the bank or directly to whoever owns the money.

Otherwise, legal charges will be put against you by the bank or the person who owns the money, especially when you already know that it doesn’t belong to you and you chose to be negligent.


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This is exactly what happened to the couple Robert and Tiffany Williams in the state of Pennsylvania after $120,000 was accidentally deposited into their account. The bank responsible for the error BB&T informed the couple that they should return the money and that they should not spend it for themselves.

BB&T told the authorities that they had sent the notice to the Williams couple on June 20 after the bank realized its mistake, but the couple did not listen. Instead, they spent the money for their own gain, buying them a new SUV, a sports car, two four-wheelers, and a camper. The money was also used to pay their monthly bills and handed $15,000 to other people.


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Because of this, both Robert and Tiffany are now facing felony theft charges for spending money that is not theirs. BB&T filed the charges against them. Upon talking to reporters, Robert admitted that they “took some bad legal advice,” which landed them where they are now. Both Robert and Tiffany seem to be in agreement now that it wasn’t a good idea to take whatever advice they’ve got from someone else, saying that it “wasn’t the best thing in the end.”

Right now, there is still no schedule for the court trial.




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