Soon-to-be-Father Builds Playhouse Out of Instant Noodle Packets

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Soon-to-be-Father Builds Playhouse Out of Instant Noodle Packets


Usually, when building a playhouse for toddlers, colorful lego bricks, plastic balls, and soft dolls are thrown in there to form a pool of toys for the kids to swim around. The actual playhouse is often made up of beams covered in thick foams to prevent injury.

But this Chinese man who identifies himself as Mr. Zhang and will soon become a father to his currently unborn son decided to build an entire playhouse out of uncooked instant noodles.


Photo Credit: Oddity Central


Mr. Zhang collected a total of 2,000 packets of expired instant noodles and stacked them together to form a small house with enough room for his child to fit. He secured each packet of noodles with glue. It took Mr. Zhang four days to complete his noodle playhouse, which includes the stacking process, and the drying of the adhesive material.

Because of his unusual concept for a playhouse, Mr. Zhang’s noodle playhouse, which can be found inside his home at the Huadian county in the province of Jilin, China, gained a lot of traction on social media.


Photo Credit: Oddity Central


Where did he get all the packets of expired instant noodles, you ask? He revealed that he has a friend who works in a warehouse as a food wholesaler and that he got all the packets from him. It’s also worth noting that Mr. Zhang is fond of instant noodles, so the idea of passing on his love for the delicacy to his son came to him naturally.

“A friend of mine who is a food wholesaler sorted out a batch of expired instant noodles from his warehouse,” Zhang told reporters. “I felt it was a pity to throw them away, so I took them home.”


Photo Credit: @PDChina on Twitter (via Oddity Central)


People on social media were divided on Mr. Zhang’s noodle playhouse, with some praising him for having the effort to create something unique for his son, while others criticized him for letting his son get exposed to health risks.




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