Chinese Woman Sold Twin Newborns to Pay Debt and Buy Herself a New Phone

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Chinese Woman Sold Twin Newborns to Pay Debt and Buy Herself a New Phone


Life can be tough for a mother, especially for a single mom who has to work extra hard to make sure that her baby is well-fed. In most cases, the mother would also have to make sacrifices to ensure that they are financially stable. She would also have to sustain herself so that she can wake up the next day and do it all over again⁠—all for the sake of her child.

These are just some of the challenges faced by most single mothers. However, what this Chinese single mom did is truly devastating that you would think how heartless can a mother be to have the courage to do something like that to her own child.


Photo Credit: Weibo (via Oddity Central)


This woman, who is reportedly in her 20s, was arrested by the police after it was found that she sold both of her twin newborn sons for 65,000 yuan, which approximately amounts to $9,100, to have the money to pay her debts and buy herself a new phone.

Now, without condoning her acts, we can at least understand that she had to sell both of her sons to free herself from debt, especially if she is buried very deeply, but the fact that she bought herself a new smartphone in exchange for her sons? That’s crossing the line.


Photo Credit: Omar Lopez on Unsplash (via Oddity Central)


The woman argued that it was the right thing for her to do, because her parents were very mad at her for carrying a baby⁠—two, in fact⁠—outside of marriage. The father wasn’t willing to help the woman raise their children as well, leaving her with no choice but to sell them and alleviate not only one, but three problems at once: her debt, her parents’ dismay towards her, and the father’s unwillingness to assist her.

Both the woman and the father were arrested by the police while their twins were turned over to the woman’s parents to take care of them while the couple is in custody.




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