Idaho Man Breaks 98 Pencils in One Minute Using Only His Hands

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Idaho Man Breaks 98 Pencils in One Minute Using Only His Hands


A man from Idaho, USA recently set a Guinness World Record by breaking a total of 98 pencils in one minute using only his hands. 

David Rush appeared this September at the Idaho Out of School network conference and tried to beat the last pencil-breaking record. The audience of the conference witnessed how he broke the 98 pencils using only his bare hands. He also spoke during the conference, particularly about the significance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or STEM education. The previous pencil-breaking record was 90.


David Rush / Photo Credit: (via UPI)


Rush added that he prepared to earn the Guinness title by practicing, but he did not use real pencils but bamboo sticks. That way, he wouldn’t have to purchase hundreds of the said writing instrument only to snap them in two.

Rush is known to have a habitual liking for breaking Guinness World Records. In fact, he has already earned over 100 Guinness titles, including passing a basketball behind his back 61 times in just one minute. He also previously brow two Guinness records by teaming up with a Guinness fan to stack the most casino chips at a top speed of 30 seconds and one minute. Rush likewise set a Guinness record for juggling basketball and completing 220 catches in a single minute. He used three NBA-regulation basketballs for the juggling record.


David Rush / Photo Credit: (via UPI)


Other Guinness World Records that involve pencils include Tushar Lakhanpal in India who have the largest collection of pencils, with a total of 19,824. Ashrita Furman from the USA created the world’s largest pencil, which was measured at 23.23 meters long and weighed at 98.43 tons. Another record made involving a pencil is the largest pencil-drawn mural achieved by Sebastian Krawczak from Grójec, Poland. His drawing depicts the market day of Grójec in the year 1867. He set the record last Feb. 15, 2018. 

Some other Guinness Records are the longest time to spin a basketball on a pencil tip, most chain links carved from a pencil lead or graphite, most pencils pierced through a water-filled bag in one minute, and the largest pencil mosaic.




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