Spider Causes Woman To Have Headaches

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Spider Causes Woman To Have Headaches


Most of us have irrational fears. These include fear of spiders, fear of frogs, or fear of bees. Being afraid about these things is usually logical since there is always a reason why a person develops a fear for it. An article by VT, a news and entertainment platform providing content from around the world, proves that fear of spiders is very possible to happen.

According to a report, a woman from India named, Lekshmi experienced a horrifying and creepy experience with a spider. A video shows that a spider was actually inhabiting inside her ear. The little arachnid also caused the poor woman with headaches and it caused her ear stuffed with cotton wool. 


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


At first, she taught that her headache was just a normal one but after consulting a doctor, she found out that the spider was inside her ear after she snoozed on her veranda. This is where the little spider crawled and decided to make her ear its pretty snuggly home, and the horrifying discovery was made in a hospital in Karnataka, India. 

“I was terrified as I could feel the movement of a creature in my ear. The acute ear ache followed by sharp pains suffocated me,” Lekshmi explained. Dr. Santosh Shivaswamy, an ENT consultant added that it is not unusual for people to have things to get stuck in the ears. However, it is the first time that they encountered a patient with an eight-legged little creature in her ear. 


Photo Credit: Newsflare (via VT.co)


Recently, CBSNews, the news division of American television and radio service CBS, also reported that a woman from Kansas City experienced the same predicament. In the report, the spider that lodged in her ear was a venomous brown recluse spider. The medical health professional was thankful that the spider did not bite her. They also recommend that everybody should practice precautions in order to prevent bugs from burrowing into their ears.




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