A Look at Vile’s Amazing Transparent Graffiti Paintings Across Portugal

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A Look at Vile’s Amazing Transparent Graffiti Paintings Across Portugal

Rodrigo Miguel Sepulveda Nunes, also known as ‘Vile,’ is a Portuguese graffiti artist specializing in spray-painting who has an obsession for an optical illusion.

Vile has mastered the art of transparency with his astonishing works scattered all across Portugal where he creates illusions of holes in the wall from where he is laying down his painting while sometimes adding a few extra touches to make things look more interesting. He usually puts his name on his paintings, so you know that it’s his creation. But even he thought it wasn't enough to convince people that it is his work, so he still puts his signature right beside these magnificent paintings of his.

Here are some of his paintings that you’ll probably mistake as holes at first glance:

#1 Out of this World

Vile is probably feeling extra Sci-Fi here. Maybe he did this after watching a Star Wars film and imagined that he was in the Millenium Falcon that is set to land on a new, undiscovered planet of red and blue, or depart from it. Usually, he makes see-through illusions that are more believable, but he probably thought that it would be nice to go an extra mile and make something that is over-the-top.

#2 A Bit Obvious? Nevermind.

This one looks more obvious as a painting, thanks to the rough surface of Vile’s canvas wall, but we can still appreciate how accurately he made it look like the view from the other side, an impressive feat that he is most known for in his works. Even the post, from a certain angle, looks perfectly aligned with the illusion Vile painted on it.

#3 Broken Glass or Wooden Board?

Is it a glass? Or is it a wooden board? Nevertheless, Vile did quite an impressive job tricking us into thinking that it is a broken panel of glass with the broken parts forming a shape that reads his name. He even put shards below his painting. Don't worry, they're probably not real shards of glass and you can step on it if you like.

#4 Vile's Electrifying Brainpower

This one resembles a common graffiti art more than his other paintings, but even then, he doesn’t shy away from drilling a fake hole in the wall and through his brain with his spray paint, showing how much brainpower he’s got with all the electricity coming out of a brain which we’d like to assume is his. For those who are thinking of vandalizing his art, you might want to reconsider before he sends multiple shocks around your body.

#5 Multi-Angle and Multi-Dimensional Wall

We will admit that this is a tricky one to create, not only because of how Vile should make sure that the flowers he painted look as natural, but also the various angles he is trying to project here to make it look like solid platforms rather than just a plain wall.

#6 A Portal to a Lake

This is one of the instances where you would think that the wall is placed right behind the lake. However, by the looks of the roof glancing from behind, it is not. But you’ve already convinced yourself that there is a lake nearby with boats sailing and birds chirping.

#7 Perfectly Aligned

Vile did an impressive job aligning the trees’ height exactly where the blue tiles and the white wall meet. What’s so impressive about that? There is actually a plant/tree that is as tall as the ones he painted, making the illusion look more convincing. And to make it appeal even more, he added sparkles all around it. It's probably some pixie dust coming out from his magic. He's a wizard when it comes to optical illusions, after all.



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