Is It Time For A Career Change? Find Out Here

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Is It Time For A Career Change? Find Out Here


Being an adult means that one should make decisions very carefully. This is because each decision, especially when it's about your career, can have a very significant effect on someone’s life. Changing a career is not like changing one's wardrobe. It will require a person to explore new options for them. 

Moreover, the time will come when they will realize that they need to have a career change, especially if they are experiencing workplace burnout. Here are some of the key signs that you need to have a major career shift.


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page 1 - Mentally checked out

Being absent-minded at work can be a sign that you need to explore new things. Elizabeth Pearson, an executive career coach, says, “If the mere thought of sitting at your desk or through another long conference call makes your energy plummet, you need to make a change.” 



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page 2 - Your bad habits increases

It is normal to feel bored sometimes due to the routine that you have at work, but if it ignites your bad habits, you might need to consider your career. This is because you might be experiencing unhappiness or unfulfillment at work. It can drive one to have external distractions like having too much alcohol, online shopping, or staying in a toxic relationship.



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page 3 - It is for the money

We are all working for money, but if it's the sole reason why you’re showing up to work, then it’s time to move on. Working should not leave a person soulless and passionless. Pearson also explained that one should learn how to take risks and following their desires because if not, it will just make one feel like they are imprisoned.



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page 4 - Work affects personal relationships

Work issues should remain inside the four corners of your office. If your job starts taking a huge toll on your personal life like losing friends and romantic relationships, it might be time to reevaluate the career choices that you have. Make sure that there will always be a balance between your professional and personal life, while also keeping these both things healthy. 



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page 5 - Career hinders personal goals

Personal goals and values are important in keeping someone on their toes. Staying in an unfulfilling yet high-paying job might be a solution if you wish to save for your child’s college expenses. However, if your current job starts to affect your personal values, it might be a significant sign that a career change is necessary.



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page 6 - You’re not taking pride in it

Sue Andrews, a human resources and business consultant with KIS Finance, stated that if a worker starts to feel less-inspired in achieving their life goals, it might mean that they are no longer proud of their work. Workzone, an online resource that provides helpful tips for businesses, reported that taking pride in your work means that you embody responsibility, initiative, and enthusiasm.



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page 7 - Reduced self-esteem

Career plays a significant part in someone’s identity. Once you feel unhappy while doing it, you might feel a negative change in how you view yourself. No longer being confident about your ability to make decisions could actually keep you in the wrong career path. This is why taking a chance to do something completely different requires courage, but the rewards will surely be worth it. 



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