Here Comes The Sun: The Sunniest Places That You Should Visit

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Here Comes The Sun: The Sunniest Places That You Should Visit


The song “Here Comes The Sun” by the Beatles is perfect after stormy weather or a sad event in your life passes because it can remind us that the sun is always there to shine upon us. Aside from being there constantly, the Sun also provides a lot of benefits for all the things here on the planet. 

In an article by Mirror UK, is a British national daily tabloid newspaper founded in 1903, they mentioned that there are studies which have shown that having an ample amount of sunlight can help in reducing the risk of having serious health conditions. “It is essential for absorbing calcium, keeping our bones healthy and for protecting against serious chronic diseases later in life,” Michael Holick, a professor from Boston University explained. 

Here are some of the places where a person could go if they want to enjoy sunlight and have their vacation time away from the stress and pressures of daily life.


Canary Islands, Spain / Photo by: Worth Seeing


1 - Canary Islands, Spain

According to Worth-Seeing, a website that provides listicles about traveling, art, and weird things on the internet, Canary Islands are known as the “sunshine capital of Europe.” Tourists and the locals can enjoy the bright sunshine as they walk along its magnificent beaches for 11 hours a day. These islands are located 124 miles away from the coast of Western Sahara in Africa. 



Zanzibar Island, Tanzania / Photo by: Worth Seeing


2 - Zanzibar, Tanzania

Also known as the Spice Island, Zanzibar has an average 2,755 hours of sunshine each year. According to In Style Vacations, its name is well earned due to the fact that the island is a known source of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper, which helps in improving the economy of the island. This place is perfect for your annual getaway due to its pristine sand beaches and exotic Swahili dishes. 



Yuma City, California / Photo by: Worth Seeing


3 - Yuma City, Arizona

This record-breaking city made its way to the Guinness Book of World Record as the sunniest city on the planet. This quaint city in Arizona, United States experiences 11 hours of sunshine all year long. It is perfect for those who love the desert experience and the sight of breathtaking sunsets.



Rock formations on the coast of Marseille, France / Photo by: Worth Seeing


4 - Marseille, France

If you wish to have a European experience minus the gloomy weather, you may visit the sunny island of Marseille in France. This place is the second-largest city in the country and it experiences 300 days of sunshine each year. Aside from that, it has a very relaxing sight of nature with its crystal clear seas and amazing cliffs. 



Structures along Dongola, Sudan / Photo by: Worth Seeing


5 - Dongola, Sudan

This place experiences an average of 7/10 of an inch of rainfall annually. Worth-Seeing also noted that it is quite hot here, which is why it might also be an acquired taste for some people. It has an average of 10.4 hours of sunshine per year, which makes it difficult for people to maintain vegetation in the area.



Fresno, California / Photo by: Worth Seeing


6 - Fresno, California, USA

California is famous for its sunny weather and palm trees, but Fresno, California is notable. The city is known for having an average of 3,700 hours of sun each year. It can be found between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and 10-Facts-About, a website where you can find ten facts about different subjects, says that this place is also famous for having a successful raisin industry.



Rhodes Island, Greece / Photo by: Worth Seeing


7 - Rhodes Island, Greece

This is another European island which is famous for its sunny beaches in Rhodes Island. This place boasts an average of 300 days and 3,000 hours of sunshine annually. It is also reported that Rhodes island is the biggest island in the Dodecanese Islands in Greece. Aside from these, the island boasts its local food choices that show the influences of Middle Eastern spices.