NASA Astronaut Accused of Committing World’s First Space Crime

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NASA Astronaut Accused of Committing World’s First Space Crime


Crime can happen anywhere, even in space.

Recently, American NASA astronaut Anne McClain was accused of identity theft and improper access to private financial records of Summer Worden, her former wife. The astronaut has become the first person in history to be investigated for an alleged crime she committed while aboard the International Space Station (ISS). 

NASA astronaut Anne McClain / Photo by: Wikimedia Commons via All Thats Interesting



As of now, Worden, a former intelligence officer, has already filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against McClain. According to All That’s Interesting, the issues started when Worden noticed some strange activity on her bank account. Upon investigating, she found out that one of the computer networks was registered to NASA. During that time, McClain is on a six-month mission aboard the ISS. 


Summer Worden, her former wife with her child / Screengrab from: CBS This Morning and YouTube via All Thats Interesting


According to McClain, she signed in to Worden’s bank account to look at the state of her finances. She wanted to make sure that her former family unit was in a healthy economic state. The trouble started several years ago. When Worden and McClain got divorced, the latter tried to adopt their child. In 2018, the astronaut asked a judge in Houston if he could grant her shared parenting rights. She claimed that her former wife had a bad temper and made poor financial decisions.

Rusty Hardin, McClain’s lawyer, explained that the astronaut is “totally cooperating” with the investigation. She only did the ‘crime’ because she cared enough for the child they had been raising together. Hardin also added that accessing Worden’s bank account was part of their routine while they were still together. McClain was never told that she could no longer do that. “She strenuously denies that she did anything improper,” said Hardin. The investigation is currently being handled by the US. 


The International Space Station / Photo by: NASA via All Thats Interesting




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