NZ Police Apprehend Penguins that Sneak into Sushi Shop

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NZ Police Apprehend Penguins that Sneak into Sushi Shop


It’s hard to suppress one’s cravings for sushi, and it seems the urge is not exclusive to humans. In a report by Janine Puhak of American television news channel Fox News, it was revealed that a pair of penguins in New Zealand was apprehended by the police during another daring sushi raid. According to the officials, the penguins were seen sneaking “around the grounds of a sushi shop” at the Wellington railway station.

The pair first trespassed on the premises at around 6:30 a.m. on July 15. That evening, Wellington District Police (WDP) said the two “waddling vagrants” were temporarily detained after “making themselves at home” underneath the sushi outlet. Interestingly, it was the penguins’ second time to trespass that day, stated Charles Anderson of British daily newspaper The Guardian.


Photo Credit: Shawnee Kim / AP (via Fox News)


The owners of the sushi stand said the birds “crossed between heavy traffic lanes between the harbor and the station,” reported Hamish Cardwell of public service radio broadcaster Radio New Zealand (RNZ).

Wini Morris, a staff worker, noticed something fishy after hearing coos and hums near the warm grills of the food truck and so alerted the authorities. Constable John Zhu quickly responded to the scene, and the vagrants were apprehended and identified as little blue penguins.


Photo Credit: TVNZ / AP (via Fox News)


The police got the assistance of the Department of Conservation (DOC) and the Wellington Zoo to send the rogue penguins back to the sea.

The DOC explained that the birds are “quite common” in Wellington Harbor, which housed around 600 pairs of penguins. But they said this was the first time they have seen penguins set up a home inside a sushi truck. The agency warned people to keep their distance because the birds can bite. Morris remarked, “It’s pretty an insane idea that some penguins are camping out under your shop.” She nevertheless found the wayward penguins “adorable.”


Photo Credit: Wellington District Police on Facebook (via Fox News)


Little blue penguins start to look for potential nesting spots in July and lay eggs the following month. DOC volunteer Mike Rumble claimed that it was “wishful thinking” for the penguins to stay in the nesting box on the waterfront. "It's a natural characteristic of the penguins—they will always return to where they possibly were nesting,” he explained. He added that he wouldn’t be surprised if the sushi shop’s owner reports later, “They’re back.”




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