This Man Knows More About Women’s Luxury Bags than Most of Us Do

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This Man Knows More About Women’s Luxury Bags than Most of Us Do


Women don’t usually go to men to ask for fashion advice, especially when it comes to bags. Well, except if it’s this Chinese man who has become very popular in his country for his unique taste for luxury-brand bags for women and his critical eye in analyzing the expensive handbags.

His name is Tao Liang, also known as Mr. Bags and China’s third most influential bagger. A Los Angeles resident and a student at the University of South California, Mr. Bags’ obsession with luxury handbags is second to none as he would spend most of his free time shopping on Rodeo Drive for bags instead of engaging in other kinds of hobbies.

In fact, he is now known as a “bag whisperer” among Chinese women who share the same obsession toward fashion and handbags as him.


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In his obsession, Liang studied more about bag culture and the different trends surrounding it until he achieved his top influencer status in his native country, something that he never imagined he would become.

At first, Liang thought he was just going to follow his parents’ footsteps in the financial industry, as both his mother and father wanted him to be like them, probably because that’s how they viewed success in the family. It’s a trait that is prevalent in most Chinese families throughout the years.

“My parents work in finance so they wanted me to do finance because finance people think that you only make money in finance; they don’t think of other possibilities. You know, like children of doctors don’t want to be doctors? It was the same for me. I didn’t want to do finance,” Liang said in an interview with the South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong English-language newspaper.


Photo Credit: Oddity Central


He also shared his thoughts on women buying expensive bags and how his work aims to contribute to that kind of culture among women. “Normally when girls shop for a bag they don’t think too much and buy it right away, on impulse, so I help them think more rationally,” Liang said.

“For example, I categorize all the bags and tell them which ones are the classic pieces and the ones that have more staying power and the most iconic ones, so I provide some logic behind their purchases. I think that as a guy I’m more objective and I can give them useful tips. I tell them that if you buy a bag that you can use in your life and enjoy it then you feel that your money is well spent and worth it.”




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