Peruvian Company Designs Wooden Laptop that Lasts Up to 15 years

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Peruvian Company Designs Wooden Laptop that Lasts Up to 15 years


Imagine a laptop that can last up to 15 years, with its case that can be taken apart to be repaired and upgraded. Yes, the case. So what is it made of? If you thought it’s some high-grade plastic material built around the device’s components, then you probably haven’t heard of the Wawalaptop.

The Wawalaptop contradicts almost all standards of a durable laptop or electronic devices in general. Invented by Carrascos, a Peruvian company comprised of a family of computer experts and marketing strategists, the Wawalaptop is a single board computer (SBC) made up of wooden materials while maintaining its lightweight feature without having to sacrifice its durability.


The Wawalaptop / Photo by: EFE via Oddily Central


Because of its cheaper yet sustainable materials, the laptop is guaranteed to provide its customers the quality (and portability) of an expensive laptop at an affordable price.

The Wawalaptop costs 799 Peruvian Sol (about US$235), with an option to upgrade its circuit board for $35. It has a recyclable fiberboard casing made out of wood and has the capacity to run the Linux operating system.

Javier Carrasco, computer engineer and technology manager of the Wawalaptop, shared how the Carrasco family felt the need to create something that can benefit many people while contributing less waste to the environment.

“We felt the need to give a little something back to society. So we began with these SBCs and started working to create the first prototype,” Carrasco said in an interview with the Spanish publication EFE. “We want them to be able to be creative with their Wawalaptop, to be able to carry out all the product upgrades. Of course, after having undergone the training so they can do it themselves.

“The idea is that the student in the third or fourth grade of elementary school can have this laptop over time. Enter high school with the Wawalaptop 3.0 or 4.0 and then continue to have it in university by simply doing an upgrade,” he added.

The Carrasco family has been working on perfecting the Wawalaptop for quite a while, first revealing it to the public in 2015. Its 2.0 version is said to be ready for distribution and will soon be available for customers.


The laptop's monitor / Photo by: Twitter via Oddily Central




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