Father and Son Charged for Selling Infected Human Body Parts

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Father and Son Charged for Selling Infected Human Body Parts


Donald Greene Sr. and Donald Greene Jr. were federally charged in Michigan for allegedly selling human body parts infected with diseases on the black market. It was believed that the father-son tandem knew the body parts they got from the now-closed Biological Resource Center of Illinois, a medical facility that provides human remains to medical professionals to use in training and research, were infected with diseases. 

ABC News, the news division of the American Broadcasting Company, reported that the sold body parts tested positive for several infectious diseases. These include hepatitis, HIV, and sepsis. It was reported that the people who donated the bodies of their loved ones to BIRC was promised that those will be used for medical research. Instead, some of the body parts were allegedly sold for as much as $100,000. 


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According to court documents, prosecutors alleged that the scheme was meant “to defraud customers of the BIRC.” This allowed the Greenes to profit off otherwise worthless parts. Fox News, an American conservative pay television news channel, reported that the two sold at least one body part that “had previously tested positive for hepatitis” to Detroit Medical Center’s sports medicine department.

Between 2008 and 2014, the Greenes allegedly sold diseased remains. The authorities also reported that Greene Sr. falsely told customers on at least eight occasions that the parts were tested negative. Greene Jr. was also involved as he knew about the scheme to defraud but he didn’t report to the authorities. The father was charged with wire fraud while the son was charged with misprision of felony. 


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The Greenes’ legal troubles don’t end there. Last May, both of them were involved in an investigation that led to the arrest of Arthur Rathburn, who was convicted of fraud and of shipping hazardous materials. Rathburn also regularly provided body parts with infectious diseases to medical associations for various seminars.




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