Store Clerk Memorized 1,300 Credit Card Numbers to Steal Money

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Store Clerk Memorized 1,300 Credit Card Numbers to Steal Money


Stealing credit card information usually involves an intricate electronic card skimmer or conducting an elaborate online scam. But this store clerk in Japan used the most undetectable tool: his brain.

Yusuke Taniguchi, a 34-year-old part-time cashier working at a mall in Koto City, Japan, stole money from over 1,300 people by only remembering all of their card details. There was no physical theft or elaborate electronic scam involved with the crime. Unilad, a British Internet media company and website owned by LADbible Group, reported that Taniguchi was able to remember the customer’s name, credit card number, expiration date, and security code before they even complete their transaction. All of these details were written in a packed notepad.


Photo Credit: ANN News (via Gizmodo)


However, there’s some debate over whether or not the store clerk has a photographic memory or an eidetic memory. Photographic memory can allow him to accurately recall details months after they were observed, while the latter can allow him to accurately recall details for a few minutes afterward. According to an article by Gizmodo, Taniguchi admitted to using the fraudulent credit card information to buy goods. He said that he was planning to sell the items in a pawnshop to pay for living expenses like food and rent.


Photo Credit: Pexels (via Unilad)


Taniguchi had made countless illicit purchases made with the stolen credit card info. All of them were shipped to his apartment. For instance, he bought two shoulder bags valued at a total of 270,000 yen ($2,500) which were delivered to his place. The scam is a great reminder for customers to be vigilant in protecting their credit cards. Some features allow them to quickly tap to pay for purchases to help keep their details from prying eyes. Also, it is important to regularly monitor your purchase history. 




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