7 Stats You Need To Know in 2019 About Digital Marketing

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7 Stats You Need To Know in 2019 About Digital Marketing

With everything going digital, information is available to anyone and everyone on a whim. As marketers trying to penetrate the market, it’s important to keep aware of trends in the digital space, and how best to maximize information today to convert into business gains. Here are some of the most important statistics about digital marketing in 2019, as presented in VentureHarbour.com, online platform targeted towards growing online businesses.


1. Mobile loading times are above the 2-second target

Based on a sample of more than 900,000 mobile phones in the United States across fortune 1,000 companies and medium businesses, average loading speeds are at 9 seconds per page with industry best practices under 3 seconds. Ranging from automotive, business and industrial markets, classified ads, financia, media and entertainment, retail, technology, and travel data. The industry with the fastest loading pages are classified ads at 7.9 seconds, and the slowest are technology-related pages at 11.3 seconds, despite a common average of 2 seconds to load the first Byte, with industry best practice under 3 seconds.


2. Mobile will account for 72% of digital ad spending by 2019

A key takeaway is that even if companies aren’t aware of failing mobile users, visitors are. Bloated sites, sloppy code, and aggressive advertising are a few of the habits many of websites are guilty of today, which turn off consumers.


3. 60% of people have started using voice search within the last year

When talking about the digital age, search is among the most complex aspects of digital. Search marketing statistics show that over 41.6% of people have started using voice commands within the last 6 months, and 19% between 6 months and 1 year ago. Although voice search is not expected to replace display search, as demand is still focused on visual content.


4. Send emails between 4pm and 8pm

Despite revolutionized strategies for advertising, email remains one of the most effective ways to generate new leads and new purchases. Sending out advertising emails between 4pm and 8pm are known as the times wherein individuals are winding down from work, and are less busy. Email lists are still among the most valuable commodities for brands, but email advertising must be relevant in order to maximize exposure. Customers who receive multiple abandoned shopping cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to complete purchase versus an individual that receives only 1 follow up.


5. 46% of marketers say that photography is critical to marketing and storytelling graphics

Content marketing is changing, with more emphasis on visual aspects demanded by consumers in the form of photographs, videos, infographics, illustrations, and many more. In addition, brands are learning that relevant content creation is the most important search engine optimization statistics. Brands who invest in content marketing are seeing benefits, not only in terms of reach over 3 times as many leads, with costs kept at a minimum 62% less than traditional marketing.


6. Take advantage of social media

Social media has grown into a content publication tool. The key is to know which networks to use, and how to target the data. Studies found that 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of content strategy, 87% with Twitter, 84% on Facebook, 74% on YouTube, and 62% with Google Plus.


7. Mobile conversion rates are still in third place

Conversion optimization statistics show that mobile devices are now growing and almost on par with other devices, such as desktop computers and tablets, with smartphones covering 1.55% of conversion rates globally by the end of the 4th quarter in 2016, versus desktops, which still hold the bulk at 4.14% in the same period. Online businesses can still improve mobile to maximize sales, although companies investing in mobile are seeing return on sales, with the rest of the world moving in a similar direction. ​



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