7 Tips to Make Use of Food Leftovers Inside Jars

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7 Tips to Make Use of Food Leftovers Inside Jars

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We all have those jars and cans of food around the house that aren’t completely empty and so you can’t get rid of them just yet. It’s because you still see leftovers on the sides and base of the container that you know are not expired yet but aren’t able to finish them because the insides of the jar are hard to reach. So what to do then? Here are 7 ingenious ways to get at those leftovers and make them useful.


Photo via Pxhere


1. Pour hot milk

For all of those jars containing chocolate spreads, when you aren’t able to scrape off each and every chocolate bit, an ingenious way is to pour hot milk inside. Put the cap back on the jar and shake until the walls of the jar are clear; a spoon may also be used to mix. What comes out is a delicious hot chocolate drink. This can be applied to other similar spreads, whether dark or milk chocolate, or maybe even caramel.


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2. Create a mix

Among the food items found inside jars include various fruit jams—strawberry jam, orange jam, mango jam, and many more. In order to clear out the contents of oddly shaped jars with hard to reach crevices, you may pour in some olive oil and vinegar. Put the cap back on and shake (or mix contents with a spoon), the resulting liquid sauce becomes a vinaigrette for salad dressing or meat sauces.


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3. Prepare a cold drink

With that leftover jam in the jar, pour some hot water, dip a tea bag inside, and chill in the freezer. What comes out is homemade iced tea. This can be garnished with a lemon and mint leaf, then served on a hot day.


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4. Make a cocktail jam

The bottom of a jam jar has residue that when mixed with gin can be used for a cocktail concoction. To level it up, layering yogurt, granola, berries, and granola parfait makes for a decent healthy dish. Even better, as the contents are in a jar, it can be brought outside of the house for a quick snack in the office or in the gym.


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5. Create pickled fruits 

Once you’ve devoured all the pickles, the liquid that remains in the jar could come in handy when you want to pickle new vegetables. Onions and radishes can be pickled and used to spice up the food you eat. Pickle juice can also be splashed on a cocktail alongside your favorite vodka to add flavor.


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6. Salsa

Another dip idea is to add sour cream or yogurt to an almost empty jar with pickle juice. Toss in some tomatoes and garnishes and this will be perfect to pair with chips during a marathon movie day. Be creative as there is no one specific formula to make salsa; variations are more suited to your personal taste.


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7. Make a marinade

Emptying a mayonnaise jar can be done by tossing in chopped chicken, celery, salt, and pepper to create a marinade for chicken and other meat, such as steak. This is a quick and easy way to prepare some of the most cumbersome meals, which usually require more effort in coming up with a mix.