Student Charged With Sexual Assault Gets Released Because He's "High Achieving"

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Student Charged With Sexual Assault Gets Released Because He's "High Achieving"

21-year-old University of Florida (UF) senior and resident hall assistant Ian Milaski was arrested on August 29 after a sophomore female student accused Milaski of “forcibly kissing her, pinning her onto his bed, and attempting to put his fingers inside her days earlier,” according to Alanna Vagianos of American news and opinion platform HuffPost. The woman called the university police and jailed Milaski on charges of battery and false imprisonment, with bond set at $125,000.

Brianda Villegas of WCJB, a television station in Florida, reports that “Milaski called her and told her he was drunk and needed water.” Then, he attempted to sexually batter the woman on August 25 at his dorm room. When the victim walked Milaski to his room, the latter tried to “make out” with her. The victim also told him to stop and “let her leave the room.” to which the senior student refused. She was able to run out of the room and returned to her dorm room.

In a police report obtained by television broadcasting company NBC-2, the woman woke up in her bed that night with Milaski “trying to lie next to her.” Her friend also woke up and yelled at the man to leave. Despite the harrowing experience of the victim, an emergency defense motion that recognized Milaski as a “high-achieving student” prompted a judge to release the perpetrator “on his own recognizance,” as reported by Villegas. Milaski is expected to graduate in May 2020 with a double major, as well as rendering more than 210 hours of community service in the last two years,” the bail-reduction motion pointed out.

As reported by Dana Cassidy of UF student newspaper The Alligator, the motion asserted that the student “needed to help his parents prepare for Hurricane Dorian,” cites Vagianos. Apparently, the bail motion perceived the incident as a “misunderstanding among platonic friends fueled by alcohol,” Cassidy writes.

The judge ordered Milaski no have any sort of contact with the victim, as well as banning him from returning to Sarasota and Alachua counties, where the university is located, other than court appointments or school-related events such as classes.

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