Viral "Storm Area 51" Event Canceled for Being a Potential Humanitarian Disaster

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Viral "Storm Area 51" Event Canceled for Being a Potential Humanitarian Disaster


Want to see some aliens in time for the raid? Sadly, you won’t because the viral “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” Facebook event has been canceled, according to Julia Reinstein of internet media and entertainment company BuzzFeed News. Organizers of the event foresaw a “possible humanitarian disaster” similar to the Fyre Festival. The Storm Area 51 event, also known as Alienstock, is a donation-based festival that “celebrates aliens and the unknown” with “live music, arts, and camping under the stars from Sept. 19 to 22.”

The Facebook event started as a joke stating that if people Naruto-run, they can move faster than bullets. Of course, Area 51 became “one of the biggest memes” of 2019 with millions of people deciding to RSVP on Facebook. Matty Roberts, a 21-year-old gamer and the event’s creator, decided to make the event “an actual EDM festival in the Nevada desert.” Alienstock organizers “promised amazing surprise performances,” as stated on their official website. Moreover, the performers would not be disclosed “due to festival radius clauses.”


Area 51 gate / Photo by: David Becker and Getty Images via Buzzfeed News


Alienstock was to be held in Rachel, Nevada, a desert town near Area 51. The said town was not hyped about the festival. As the day of the event drew near, its residents warned potential visitors that Rachel has no gas station or store. In fact, the location only has Little A’Le’Inn, a motel and restaurant bar booked for the festival. The majority of those who RSVP’d on Facebook were in jest. However, local officials will have to formulate plans to accommodate thousands of people into the area.

Lincoln County Commission Chair Varlin Higbee said, “On the county level we’re prepared for two to three times the population of the entire county.” He projected that 10,000 to 30,000 people will show up, depleting the town of gas and groceries. Rachel’s official website predicted Alienstock becoming Fyre Fest 2.0. Further, no bands have been signed to play and no preparations were made yet. There will be unhappy campers and a “sad affair with no bands,” the website explained.


The Facebook event that triggered the controversy / Photo by: Facebook via Buzzfeed News


The site also cautioned individuals not to trespass onto Area 51 and stay away from the town’s residential area, emphasizing that landowners will protect their property. Hence, Alienstock’s website recommended individual’s to visit Las Vegas for a free “Area 51 celebration” featuring a “classified lineup” of musicians.

The festival’s organizers blamed Little A’Le’Inn owner Connie West for the cancelation, stating she was the permit owner but was unable to provide “proof of deposits.” Thus, the festival website cited poor planning, lack of infrastructure, and “blatant disregard” for safety as the organizer’s rationale for pulling the plug.


A motel near Area 51 / Photo by: David Becker and Getty Images via Buzzfeed News




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