Man Sued After Refusing to Accept Tinder Date's Marriage Proposal

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Man Sued After Refusing to Accept Tinder Date's Marriage Proposal


A 29-year-old Indian man was jailed after turning down his Tinder date's proposal to marry her and blocking her on WhatsApp.

Rama Reddy refused to marry a woman he met on Tinder, who asked him the question right after they slept together. Reddy insisted that he "wasn't ready for commitment" yet, but that didn't stop the woman from pursuing him, which led the commitment-phobe to block her on WhatsApp.

Turning down your date seems like a standard practice in western dating culture, but India is strict when it comes to such practices and the woman wasn't going to let this one slide.

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According to UNILAD, a British internet media company and website that provides "social news" and entertainment, the woman went to the police and complained that she felt forced to have sex with Reddy. She added that she also felt misled into thinking that he wanted more than just a casual night together.

India sees that promising to marry someone to get them into having sex is considered as a form of rape, the reason why Reddy was thrown in jail.

"It was literally the morning after the night that he was breaking up with me. I felt so disgusted that I’d been used," the woman told English-language newspaper Bangalore Mirror. "These types of incidents should not be repeated with other people using dating apps. Women should not be used as a source of physical pleasure."

The charges against Reddy remain unclear.

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There are instances when people are lucky enough to find love on dating apps, but it isn't a secret that such places are filled with people who are only looking for a good time. This suggests that feeling the need to marry someone and finding that person on a dating app is more of an issue of morality than law, wrote UNILAD.

Tinder has been previously accused of allowing sexual predators to use the app, so a fair warning to everyone out there to be careful before swiping right on that person's profile.




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